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Arizona Cardinals Vs Denver Broncos: Game Thread

Are you jealous Minnesota?
Are you jealous Minnesota?

Welcome to the John Skelton era everyone. This is not a great matchup on paper considering that the Cardinals and the Broncos are each 3-9, but the Cardinals have a new quarterback, and the Broncos have a new coach so those are both things to keep an eye on. Right now, the Cardinals are just playing for draft position now that they have lost seven in a row after a 3-2 start where they have collapsed since the bye week. Meanwhile, the Broncos were 6-0 to start off the Josh McDaniels era, but they are 5-17 since then.

Also, by the time this gamethread pops up on the home page (I'm writing it at 8:55 AM) I will be at the stadium watching the game thanks to CardsFan08 after I bought the tickets he was selling on here. I will have my camera with me, and on Monday or Tuesday I will post some pictures from the game.

And now, enjoy the game and GO CARDINALS!!!