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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The Injury Report

Hello John Skelton, goodbye Derek Anderson.
Hello John Skelton, goodbye Derek Anderson.

The Cardinals-Broncos game takes place shortly. In the meantime here's a report of who's nursing injuries:

Derek Anderson - Concussion - Doubtful

I don't think a lot of us are worried that Anderson won't play in today's game. The concussion he received last week started the John Skelton-era and it may decide his fate with the team in general. After this season the Cardinals may let Anderson leave. If he is kept, you'd have to think it would be for depth purposes only.

Joey Porter - Knee - Questionable

There's a slight chance that Porter could sit out of the game today. He's been an injury-warrior throughout his career so I don't imagine he'll sit out today. If he is limited, rookie O'Brien Schofield should get more playing time. I wouldn't mind seeing the rookie get regular action anyway.

Clark Haggans - Groin - Questionable

Haggans has been on the injury report for the last few weeks, so I don't think he'll miss any game time today. He's played through any pain and his leadership is important on the field.

Darnell Dockett - Shoulder - Probable

The only other significant injury today is to Dockett's shoulder. He only missed one game because of the injury, however I've seen several shots of him grimacing on the sideline because of the shoulder pain he's facing.