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Gameball Of The Week: Tim Hightower

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The Cardinals will always have more worthy players then unworthy players after a 30-point victory. Considering that, it makes my job easier to pick a player that has earned the game ball of the week. Tim Hightower performed impeccably on Sunday as he ran for 148 yards on 18 carries and two touchdowns -- by far the best game of his career.

The amazing play of Hightower made it easier for rookie quarterback John Skelton in his first NFL start. Hightower took over in the second half to seal the dominating victory over the fellow struggling Denver Broncos. This kind of play reminds me what potential the young running back has to become an every down back in this league. We've seen it before throughout his career. Although Sunday's game was only his fourth 100-yard rushing output, he was forced to play behind the pass-happy Kurt Warner-led offense the first two years of his career. His production has also taken a considerable blow with Beanie Wells in the line up. 

Nevertheless, he remains consistently under the radar to opposing teams and fans while producing solid games as well. I'll admit at times that I argued against those who thought he was a starter, especially considering his constant willingness to put the ball on the ground -- he lost one fumble against the Broncos on Sunday. But his immunity to injuries and hunger for more playing time makes his worth as a former 5th round pick something to admire. 

For snapping a seven game losing streak and running for the best game of his career, he earns the game ball of the week.