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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: A Day Of Intriguing Games

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Fresh off the Cardinals thrilling win over the Dallas Cowboys last night, we get a slate of games that have excitement written all over them. The following are just a few of today's games that stand out to me:

New York Jets vs Chicago Bears: Both teams are 10-4 and both are some of the best teams in the league. Both also need a win today to solidify their playoff positions. The Bears are attempting to take control of the NFC North and stay ahead of the Green Bay Packers who are only a game behind. The Jets aren't as close to the division-leading New England Patriots but they need to stay a step ahead of the Baltimore Ravens for wildcard reasons. This will be a classic battle of a high-powered Bears offense against a shutdown Jets defense.

San Francisco 49ers vs St. Louis Rams: This game may not seem important to most fans, but to the NFC West it's huge. The 49ers can even both team's records with a victory today and lock them up at 6-9. If the Seahawks lose to the Bucs today, all three teams will have the same record, making the race to the division winner even closer. It would also mean that the 49ers next game against the Cardinals would have huge implications.

Green Bay Packers vs New York Giants: As mentioned earlier, the Packers are narrowly behind the division-leading Bears, and desperately need a win today against the Giants. They also need the Bears to lose today to lock up the division lead. With Aaron Rodgers returning, their chances of doing so increase. On the other end, the Giants are now behind the Eagles after last week's game-winning punt return. They have a shot at the wildcard, but winning today would put them back in the race for the division, giving them a home playoff game rather then a road game.

Those are just three of many exciting games today in the Absolut Bloody Mary Hour.