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Anti Cardinal Of The Week: Week Fifteen

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Another week, another bad loss for the Cardinals. Not much else to say.... Now lets go on and look at the people who contributed to this the most.

Last week, Jay Feely won Cardinal of the Week with 83% of the vote.

Everyone who dropped a pass

I am really getting sick of all the passes the receivers are dropping. With a great Quarterback like Kurt Warner, it seemed like almost every pass was on target and when a pass was on target it was caught (unless the ball went towards Jerheme Urban, who would throw the ball into the air as soon as he was touched and it would then get picked off). Now, you have two rookies and Derek Anderson, and with them it seems like the receivers are surprised when a ball is on target. I remember two of them when Beanie dropped a check down when he was wide open, and on a deep throw to Early Doucet that was perfectly thrown he dropped it. Just catch the ball guys, you are paid millions of dollars and you can't even do what you are paid to do?

Reggie Walker - Roughing the Punter Penalty

Why Reggie.... why?

Beanie Wells/Tim Hightower/Run Blocking - 14 Carries for 27 yards between Beanie and Hightower, Fumble

I don't know if their poor game was because of just them not doing their job, or what was supposed to be the "best Offensive Line we have ever worked with" according to Coach Grimm and Coach Whiz being incapable of stopping a 13 year old girl doing a bull rush against them. Maybe a little bit of both. Either way, I just decided to combine the three of them. Hightower also fumbled again, but it was recovered by Steve Breaston for a Touchdown so at least that didn't hurt us...


You are playing a team with a struggling Quarterback that needs to run the ball 40 or 50 times a game to do anything on offense. Why not let them do exactly what they want to do? The Defense did stiffen up at parts of the game, but they allowed Jimmy Clausen to have the best game of his young career, and they could not stop the Panthers from running the ball. After all the hope we had after they shut down Denver, they went right back to being the old Defense.

Coach Whisenhunt's Playcalling

This is something I have been wondering all year long. If you have a struggling Quarterback, why do you decide to throw on almost every down? On the Cardinals first drive, they went 3 and out after three passes, even though the Panthers had a very poorly ranked rush defense and a good pass defense. This is the kind of game where the Cardinals should have ran the ball 40 times, but the Cardinals wound up going down 6-0 early in the game, which this season has become a deficit that requires Whisenhunt to call a pass 80% or 90% of the time. Come on Whiz, I still believe in you as a coach, but you have to get someone in here next year that will actually try to run the ball. Kurt Warner isn't your Quarterback, you don't even have a guy who is at the level that Matt Leinart was at anymore (for those who are wondering, I just mean an average Quarterback). You have Derek Anderson, who statistically was worse than JaMarcus Russell in 2009, and you have two rookies (Max Hall and John Skelton) who should not be forced to carry too much of the load yet because of their inexperience. I bet that even Richard Bartel would wind up throwing 40 times a game even though he was only good enough to be a backup in the UFL. Hightower has some talent, so does Beanie, you should know that you used a first round draft pick on him, so why aren't you using them! Even if the run isn't doing much, at least stick with it so the other team has to at least think about a run being called instead of it being pass on every play.

So, anything else that deserves to be mentioned here?