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Arizona Cardinals Overcome Late Comeback To Defeat Dallas Cowboys 27-26

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Today was Christmas and the Arizona Cardinals delivered to us a present. They defeated the Dallas Cowboys 27-26 in thee most exciting game of the season. After picking off two early passes and returning them for interceptions, the Cardinals added to their lead when rookie quarterback John Skelton threw the first touchdown of his career to fellow rookie Andre Roberts

The Cowboys did the improbable and overcame the early deficit by throwing a touchdown to Jason Witten, rushing a touchdown with Marion Barber, and finally throwing another touchdown to Miles Austin late in the game. Despite the push, the Cardinals offense put kicker Jay Feely in prime position to kick two 49 and 48 yard field goals to win the game. The most impressive play came from Skelton, who threw a 26-yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald on 4th and 15, and then another pass to put Feely in field goal range.

Although the win hurts the Cardinals draft position, it certainly feels good coming on Christmas day. What are your thoughts on today's win?