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Cardinal Of The Week: Week Sixteen

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It is tough to pick here since so many people played well, so I will have a little bit more in here than I normally do. Variety is a good thing.

Also, in the worst of the week poll from the Panthers game, the playcalling for the offense won with 50% of the vote.

Jay Feely - 2 of 3 on Field Goals

Feely has made the list again, and he deserves it. He missed his first kick, but he nailed his next two including the game winner from 48 yards with five seconds left in the game. After some of the kicks that Neil Rackers missed that could have won the game, it is nice to see a kicker who delivers in the clutch like Feely did on Saturday.

John Skelton - 11 of 25 for 183 Yards, Touchdown

Not a great statistical performance, but with less than two minutes left in the game, he drove the Cardinals down the field for the game winning Field Goal, and he converted on 4th down and 15 with a 25 yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals lose if he does not make that pass, and a drive like that is a great thing to see from a Rookie Quarterback.

Andre Roberts - 5 Catches for 110 Yards, Touchdown

This guy has improved so much since training camp and the preseason, it is hard to believe that most of us thought he was a bust back then with how he has stepped up his play lately. His 74 yard Touchdown reception where the defender fell down after trying to grab him before the ball was caught was also the longest pass reception by any Cardinal over the last two seasons (the longest before that play was 45 yards by Kurt Warner to Steve Breaston near the end of the 09 season),

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Greg Toler - Combined 10 tackles and two Interception returns for Touchdowns along with four Pass Deflections

Great game from the two Cornerbacks, especially in the first half where they were very physical against the Cowboys receivers. The 14 points they scored to start the game off also made a huge difference.

Darnell Dockett - 5 Tackles (one for a loss), 2 Sacks, 2 Quarterback hits

Easily his best game of the season. He was beck to being his old disruptive self after being slowed down by a shoulder injury for part of the year.

Beanie Wells - 11 Carries for 47 Yards

Not a great statistical game, but he continued to get the extra yards after he was hit, and his blitz pickup made the Touchdown to Andre Roberts happen. Watch the video of that play, Beanie made a perfect block on the play.

Again, several players had a good game last weekend, and if there is anyone else who you think should be on here let me know. I'm guessing that Skelton or Feely will win, but I felt like giving you guys more options than I normally do.