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12-5-10: Arizona Cardinals Bird Droppings

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Game day, now lets just hope the Cardinals can get a win today so maybe a certain 4-7 team will stop holding up the sign in the picture...

Repeating The Past
When Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo earlier this week put on the tape of his team’s Week One game against the Cardinals, he said it felt like the game had been three years ago rather than the beginning of September. For Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt? "It seems a heck of a lot longer than three years ago."

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart maintains important tie to the Valley
What Matt Leinart would be at the other end of the phone line? A bitter one? A defensive one? Try a surprisingly upbeat one. The former Cardinals quarterback has moved on. He is grateful for the opportunities the Houston Texans gave him, even if his heaviest burden is the weight of a clipboard. He wouldn't say a negative word about his former employer and still carries fond memories of his days in the desert.

2009 NFL draft revisited: Cardinals - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A quick look at the Arizona Cardinals' 2009 draft class ...

Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald focused on the field
In a Cardinals season that will be known more for offensive failures than achievements, a couple of franchise records are within the grasp of receiver Larry Fitzgerald. "Consecutive losses in a row?" Fitzgerald said. "What's the all-time franchise record for losses in a row? That's the record I don't want to break. That's the one I'm thinking about right now."

Roof to be open for Rams game
The Cardinals have announced the roof of University of Phoenix Stadium will be open for Sunday’s game against the Rams. It will be the first time this season and the 12th time since the Cardinals moved into the building (in the 38th regular-season game) that it will be open. In the previous 11 outings, the Cardinals have won six times, all coming in the last seven times the sky has been visible from within the stadium.

Mailbag: Why the Cardinals are struggling - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Dylan from Phoenix writes: Hi Sando. I have heard quite a few reasons for the Cardinals' free fall. However, I was wondering if you believed the Bidwills' seemingly tight pockets have a played a bigger role than many have thought in the Cardinals' demise? Thanks. - Stinger hampers effectiveness of Cardinals' Dockett
ur Cardinals insiders tell us there's no denying that Pro Bowl DL Darnell Dockett is playing at far less than full strength lately with a stinger that has greatly reduced the strength in his left arm. "It's pretty obvious," said one team insider. "He's been playing through it (the stinger), but you could just see how much it's bothering him the way he was grimacing in the locker room after the game with the Niners."

Video Gallery
Ken Whisenhunt - Joey Porter

Video Gallery
Mental Makeup

NFL Videos: Week 13: Rams vs. Cardinals Preview
A preview of the Week 13 matchup between the Rams and the Cardinals.

Phoenix Coyotes fall to Florida Panthers in shootout

The Coyotes' early mission was simple: Come out strong, and take it to a struggling team. They did that but could not put the hammer down when they had those chances, and they let the Florida Panthers, who had lost five of their past six games, off the hook.

Arizona Cardinals Prediction For St. Louis Rams Tilt: Rock Bottom Fast Approaching - Desert Dirt - SB Nation Arizona
With the Sun Devils and the Wildcats taking their talents to Thursday night, all that the Arizona football scene has to look forward to for the weekend are those lovable Arizona Cardinals. In the midst of an outrageous six game losing streak, the Red Birds are completely fulfilling their primary goal this season -- that is, if that goal was to shake off all the pestering bandwagon fans that have been hitching a free ride since January 3, 2009.

Arizona Cardinals Week 13: Derek Anderson Apology And Injury Updates - SB Nation Arizona
As the Cardinals prepare for Week 13, the team deals with the embarrassment of Monday night, and hopes to recover physically and emotionally for the divisional battle that looms against the Rams.

NFL Fantasy Football Week 13 Predictions: Despite Injury, Steve Breaston Leads Arizona Against Sam Bradford’s Rams - SB Nation Arizona
Predictions and analysis for the top seven NFL fantasy football options in Sunday's divisional match up between the Arizona Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams.

NFL Week 13: Arizona Cardinals Face St. Louis Rams 2:15 PM AZT, Try To Muddy Playoff Picture - SB Nation Arizona
The Arizona Cardinals face the St. Louis Rams in a game that means a lot for the Rams, as they try to stay in the playoff picture.

Arizona Cardinals Remain In Playoff Chase Despite 3-8 Record, Face Uphill Battle | Bleacher Report
We are preparing to enter Week 13 of the NFL. The home stretch, the final push. In most divisions, the hunt for the division title is now a two-horse race, a matter of which hitherto inseparable team can hold their nerve until the final minutes. It is shaping up to be a fascinating final few weeks. And then there is the NFC West. - Whisenhunt appears safe in Arizona
Considering how much the Cardinals have regressed this season, it was inevitable that speculation would pop up regarding the status of Ken Whisenhunt, who is receiving a fair amount of heat lately in the desert. But team insiders tell us the Cardinals’ head coach, who had his contract extended through 2013 in February, is in no danger of losing his job. - Arizona defense wonders what happened since opener
The Arizona Cardinals defense has repeatedly watched video this week of the season opener against St. Louis and wondered what became of that strong, confident team.

"Code red" could be coming for DeSean | ProFootballTalk
Despite recent reports that Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson has concerns about running shallow crossing patterns and/or returning punts due to his small frame and his history of concussions and his lack of a new contract, Jackson publicly has been saying all the right things. And for good reason. A league source tells us that veteran players on the Eagles were put off by the perception that Jackson lacked the courage to get hit, and that they have contemplated taking matters into their own hands.

NFLPA to players: Save pay, lockout's coming - ESPN
The NFL players' union has advised its members to prepare for a lockout it expects to come in March, telling players to save their last three game checks this year in case there is no season in 2011.

Big slap in the face for the NFC South - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
We touched on this briefly in Thursday’s mailbag on the Atlanta Falcons. But I think it’s worth looking at this again. That’s mainly because, after talking to a lot of different people with the Falcons and Buccaneers, they are seeing red. Way too much of it. Let’s look over at, a website that does a great job showing which NFL games will be televised in which markets across the country. Look at the map for the late-afternoon time slot and you’ll see red, too.