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Arizona Cardinals Vs St. Louis Rams: Game Thread

Today, the Cardinals are in a rematch against the Rams where both teams are polar opposites of what they were in their Week 1 matchup. The Cardinals looked like a team whose Defense could carry them while the Offense (Derek Anderson) just had to keep itself from turning the ball over and it would be okay. Meanwhile, Sam Bradford looked promising, but after throwing three Interceptions it looked like he would go through the usual struggles a rookie has. Well right now, the Cardinals Defense has imploded, the Offense is anemic, and the only highlight is whenever LaRod Stephens-Howling is back to return kickoffs. And with the Rams, they are tied for first place in the NFC West with a 5-6 record after going 1-15 last season, and Bradford looks like he will be the rookie of the year after outstanding performances for a rookie with a banged up Wide Receiver corps over the last couple of weeks.

Time to see if the Cardinals can end the slump, or if the Rams will get one win closer to returning to the Playoffs.

Quick note, I have to leave to go to my cousin's wedding a little bit after 3:00 so I won't be around for the whole game. If I have to write the recap post, it will be up later than it normally is. The Game Thread Highlights post wasn't done last week because it was just too depressing. And finally, if the Cardinals as a whole have another bad performance, the Cardinal of the Week post (which wasn't done last week because everyone sucked) will be turned into the Anti-Cardinal of the Week, which means you get to vote on who sucked the most.

Enjoy the game, and GO CARDINALS!!!