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Quarterback Controversy After The Cardinals 19-6 Loss To The St. Louis Rams.

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First off, let me just say that I'm sorry the post is up this late. Like I said earlier, I had to go to a Wedding for my Cousin and I just got back from it around the time the 4th Quarter of the Ravens/Steelers game and they did a very nice job setting the thing up. I'm very happy for her and her new husband, and I hope everything goes well for them.

Now as for this thing, when I left I listened to the game on the radio until I got to where the Wedding was (around the start of the second half) and after that I just followed the game on my phone, so if there is anything that I missed please mention it in the comments. As for the game itself, this loss is all on a horrible effort by the Offense because the Defense did play well only allowing one Touchdown. Quarterback questions are also around following what I assume is a concussion suffered by Derek Anderson and a dislocated shoulder for rookie Max Hall. If nobody else can play, rookie John Skelton will make his first start.


After being forced into the game following injuries to the other two Quarterbacks, John Skelton seemed to show some promise going 3 of 6 for 45 yards. Now that the Cardinals season is pretty much over now that they are 3-9, I have no problems with giving him the start next week against the Broncos.

Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower both put up good numbers on their limited carries, Hightower had 15 carries for 81 yards, and Beanie had 3 carries for 24 yards (although I believe they were all in the first quarter).

Larry Fitzgerald tied Anquan Boldin's franchise record with 586 catches after grabbing 4 passes for 61 yards.

The Defense as a whole played well, besides a 27 yard run by Steven Jackson they did not allow a Touchdown, the Defense was also able to prevent the Rams from scoring a Touchdown all three times they made it into the Red Zone.

Kerry Rhodes had another solid performance, this time he was able to get an Interception (one of the few that he has thrown in recent weeks) and a Sack of Sam Bradford along with his seven tackles and two pass deflections.

Sam Bradford was only 18 of 29 for 187 yards and a Pick.

Jay Feely made both of his Field Goal attempts in the 1st Quarter. He is also 14 of 15 on Field Goals this season with his only miss being a 54 yarder.


With the injuries to Derek Anderson and Max Hall, Quarterback Depth is now an issue. Will John Skelton get the start next week, or will the Cardinals sign someone off the street?

Anderson continued with his tendency to get off to a good start and then proceed to wet the bed with his 7 of 20 for 93 yards and a Pick performance that is just nauseating. His Pick also led to a Field Goal to end the 1st Half for the Rams. Max Hall also struggled going 1 of 3 for 10 yards and a Pick along with the two Sacks he took.

On two plays, the Cardinals had 12 men on the field during Field Goal attempts by the Rams, the first one drew a flag that gave the Rams a 1st Down, the second one caused the Cardinals to burn a Time Out.

Even though the Cardinals ran the ball well in the 1st half, they pretty much completely got away from it in the second half.

The Cardinals were 1 of 11 on 3rd down.

The Cardinals have fallen to 3-9, their losing streak has gone to 7 games in a row, and their season is effectively over.


Again, if there is anything I missed because I was not able to watch the entire game, please mention it in the comments and I will add it to the article.