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Chevy's Corner: My Thoughts on How to Fix Things, Step 1.

First let me preface this by saying that I still don't agree with AZRetiree that Whiz is intentionally tanking the season. With that said, "in Whiz I NO LONGER Trust." I have played the "good wife" for too long. I can no longer support someone who isn't trying. I honestly believe there are just too many issues for Whiz to fix in one offseason to turn this ship around. The quarterback situation has proven to be a munumental blunder. No matter how many ypc our backs accomplish, we always end up passing the ball 40+ times a game. Yes I know we often are playing from behind, but we start the birrage of passes before the game is even out of reach. What happened to playing to your players' strengths? Our line is not built for pass protection and our QBs are not built for passing (literally). Skelton did show a ray of hope tonight but the season is already lost. He might as well start the rest of the season now. Never mind. He might actually start winning some games and ruin our chances at a Top 5 Pick.

 Russ Grimm is the Man. Just not our Man. I have no doubt he will make a good head coach. It just feels right with him. But he has done nothing to improve our offensive line. Oh and let me beat you to the punch. "Imagine how bad the line would be without him." Then guess what? I blame Whiz for putting this sorry group of bums together. I probably shouldn't write while I am angry, but it just seems to flow right now. Anyway, our defense has no room to speak. This is the worst I have seen it in years, not just the worst in the league. At this point it is just time for a fresh start. And I believe Jim Harbaugh would be the man to do it. His offense is couldn't be any worse than ours and his 3-4 defense would surely be an upgrade over our current version.

I am ready for a truly balanced offense that is powerful in the run game, yet able to keep drives alive with the passing game. Whiz has put too much on his plate this season and has burnt out. His play calling has left something to be desired. I mean seriously, what is the purpose of having a run game coordinator and a passing game coordinator if you are still gonna run your own plays? 1st down pass, 2nd down run, 3rd down pass, 4th down punt. Pretty predictable. And as for the defense, I think if I could download the playbook from Madden '99, we'd have better luck. Billy Boy's defense is worse than the defense on Techmo Bowl. And that includes the tackling. The other teams just seem to tap the "A" button faster than we do.

Is it really that unclear that the coaching staff has lost the locker room? DRC's quote alone should help with that. I think it was on the lines of "forget technique, just play the way we play." At this point you would have to move far too many players to regain the locker room. The better solution would be to just remove the coaching staff and start anew. Whiz was what we needed at the time. Now that time has passed and we need to continue to move the needle forward. At this pace we will end up with Luck anyway. We might as well nab his coach for the familiarty it will bring. He will be a hot commodity this offseason and despite our down falls, I think our roster could be enticing. Probowl skill players just needing the right mix of glue guys and coaching to make this thing work. Enough with my rambling. I don't even think I made much sense anyway, but the moral of this story is don't tell Retiree he is right about moving on from Whiz. Thoughts????