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Arizona (Anti)Cardinal Of The Week: Week Thirteen

I said that if this game was a loss, I would do one of these based on who was the worst player(s) in the Rams/Cardinals game. I determined that there was only one person who was appropriate to list here.

Also, Steve Breaston won the Week 11 Poll with 52% of the vote followed by Larry Fitzgerald with 24%. There was no poll last week because nobody was good, although if we did "Worst of the Week" for that one Anderson or anyone on the Defense would have won it (just my guess).

Now, on to the worst of the week.

Derek Anderson - 7 of 20 for 93 yards, Interception, Benched in the 3rd Quarter (Coach Whiz did say that he "didn't seem right" on the sidelines before he did it though)

Like he seems to do in every game now, Anderson got off to a decent start leading the offense to two Field Goals in the First Quarter, but he tailed off greatly after that. He threw a Pick shortly before Halftime that led to a Field Goal for the Rams that gave them a 9-6 lead, and in a game where the Defense gave a very good effort Anderson just could not get anything going. Over the last two weeks, Anderson is 23 of 55 for 289 yards and two Interceptions. Poor Quarterback play is just killing this team, the Offense cannot stay on the field, the Defense can't get any rest, and the choice to make Derek Anderson the starter because Whiz wanted to see more First Downs (his words after the Titans preseason game) looks like a bigger mistake after every game.

In the Poll, I'll give you guys two options, Derek Anderson or "Other". If there is someone else who you think was just awful yesterday, mention it in the comments section.