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Cardinals Place Max Hall on IR Following Shoulder Injury, Sign Richard Bartel

The new guy at work in University of Phoenix Stadium
The new guy at work in University of Phoenix Stadium

Following the separated shoulder Max Hall suffered in the loss to the Rams after Derek Anderson's benching (due to a concussion), he has been placed on the Injured Reserve. And even if he wasn't, I don't think he would have been healed up enough to play by the time the season ended. The Cardinals signed former 3rd string Redskins quarterback Richard Bartel who the Cardinals saw in their final Preseason game this season. Bartel has also played with Sacramento in the United Football League.

Even with the signing of Bartel, I still assume that John Skelton will be the starter because there isn't really enough time for Bartel to learn the playbook and right now if Anderson isn't able to go Skelton is probably the best option right now. Scratch that, even if Anderson is healthy Skelton might be the best option right now.

So, discuss this move.