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Arizona Cardinals Photo Of The Day: Two Young Bucks

I found this photo interesting when flipping through the album from Sunday's game. Obviously Sam Bradford has panned out beautifully for the Rams this season. He's held up his end of the bargain after going number one overall in the draft and I believe St. Louis has found their quarterback of the future -- unfortunately for us Cardinals fans. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we have John Skelton. I'm not saying he's had the same rookie season as Bradford -- not even close. But he played well in the limited action we saw him in on Sunday. After dropping nine game so far this season, I can't say I'm pleased that we've only seen the rookie one time despite fellow rookie Max Hall starting two games. Skelton could've used more practice in garbage time and maybe now with Hall on IR, he can. 

Could these be two future quarterbacks of the NFC West for a long time to come?