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Joey Porter To The Arizona Cardinals?

On Tuesday, Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter was a guest on a miami sports radio station and expressed his thoughts on his future with the Dolphins. He's ready to leave, and the Arizona Cardinals could be a possible landing spot.

Porter stated that the last ten games of the season for him were "miserable", and that he didn't think returning to the team next year was an option.

Porter was essentially benched week ten for a team violation, and his playing time was greatly diminished for the remainder of the year. Porter stated how he felt on the matter:

"I'll never let them take the fire out of me," Porter said. "But they did that." 

During the interview Porter also stated that he had interest in playing on the west coast, for a 3-4 defense, and for either the Chargers, 49ers, or Cardinals. Of those three teams, the Cardinals are the most in need of a linebacker with Bertrand Berry retiring less then two weeks ago, and the contract situations with Chike Okeafor and Karlos Dansby.

Here's what we know so far. Porter will be 33 in March and his best days are certainly behind him. That's not to say he doesn't have any gas left - he registered 9 sacks last year and 17.5 the year before. His current contract with the Dolphins has two years remaining worth $8 million, meaning the Dolphins would need to either trade or release him.

Since the Cardinals were one of the final eight teams of the playoffs, their limited to signing one unrestricted free agent to a $5 million per year deal, or several unrestricted free agents to $3.7 million per year deals. The likely scenario would be to sign Porter to a two year contract at the most, but within the restrictions stated above. What are your thoughts on the situation? Does Porter have enough gas left to shore up the Cardinals need at linebacker for the time being?