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Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft Round Up

It's about that time for another mock draft round up. We'll likely see more of these as the combine passes and the draft in April approaches. No surprises here. The Cardinals are projected to take an outside linebacker. Quite a bit this week folks. 1st Round - Brandon Graham OLB - Michigan
Clearly, rush linebacker is a dire need for Arizona this offseason - and this was evident before the Cardinals couldn't put any pressure on Drew Brees in their playoff loss. This may seem a bit low for Brandon Graham, who had an incredible Senior Bowl. Two things to consider here: First, at 6-1, Graham could struggle as a 4-3 end in the NFL, so he's a much better fit in the 3-4. And second, teams are much more hesitant to take rush linebackers now because the conversion is so unpredictable.

2010 NFL Mock Draft - Draft King - 1st Round - Ricky Sapp OLB - Clemson
At 6'4" 250, Sapp could play either a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB. Sapp would fill a need for Arizona, which lost Bertrand Berry to retirement following the 2009 season. The Cardinals could also use a tight end, but a player like Sapp would likely trump any tight end prospect not named Gresham this year.

Draft Countdown - 1st Round - Bruce Campbell OT- Maryland
With the top tier of offensive tackles already off the board the Cardinals may opt to take a chance on Maryland’s Bruce Campbell. Perhaps a bit overhyped, Campbell only started 17 games in college and isn’t the Top 10 overall pick some have made him out to be but it wouldn’t be a shock if he snuck into the latter part of round one.

Draft Countdown - 2nd Round - Jerry Hughes OLB - Texas Christian
Bertrand Berry has retired, Chike Okeafor is a free agent and Clark Haggans is 33.

2010 NFL Mock Draft - 1st Round - Bruce Campbell OT - Maryland
The Cardinals defensive line has improved over the years with the addition of Calais Campbell and some other notables. So instead of going defensive line I have them taking an athletic Left Tackle. Campbell is a very good tackle could be good at the next level and help both with the pass and run game in this 2010 NFL Draft.

2010 NFL Mock Draft - 1st Round - Dan Williams NT - Tennessee

2010 NFL Mock Draft - 2nd Round - Selvish Capers OT - West Virginia

FanHouse's 2010 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 -- 1st Round - Ricky Sapp OLB - Clemson
Maybe they bring in Joey Porter or Julius Peppers, but until then, the Cardinals really need to generate an outside pass rush. Sapp represents a player with enough athleticism to come off the edge from outside linebacker in a 3-4 or get down in a three-point stance as a DE if need be. He's a poor-man's Brian Orakpo or DeMarcus Ware and will plug one of the many holes the Cardinals are facing.

2010 NFL Mock Draft: 1st Round - Jerry Hughes OLB - TCU
Adding some youth to their pass rush is something every team needs, especially to a team who?s top three pass rushers from the LB position are all 32 or older.

Draft Tek - 1st Round - Ricky Sapp OLB - Clemson
Sapp's decision not to participate in the Senior Bowl raised some eyebrows; however, he is on a twice daily, 6 days per week workout regimen that includes rehab for his injured knee in preparation for the Combine. A highly adaptable pass-rusher that can line up all over the field in the Cards' hybrid defensive alignment - the Clemson standout fits the bill at both DE and OLB.

Draft Tek - 2nd Round - Morgan Burnett SS - Georgia Tech
Yes, Karlos Dansby has let the world know the 4 NFL teams that he would like to play for, and ILB is still a need; however, Burnett is one of those adaptable safeties with rare coverage skills that can play either position. Excellent value for the Redbirds that allows DC Bill Davis to further tweak their Hybrid alignment.

Draft Tek - 3rd Round - Dan LeFevour QB - Central Michigan

Draft Tek - 4th Round - Kyle Calloway OT - Iowa

Draft Tek - 5th Round - Perry Riley OLB - LSU

Draft Tek - 6th Round - Jeff Owens DT - Georgia

Draft Tek - 7th Round - Chris Hawkins CB - LSU