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State Of The Arizona Cardinals Roster: Wide Receivers

As we continue to review/look ahead in our breakdowns of the roster, the next position group up is the Arizona Cardinals' wide receivers. For the past three seasons, when you thought Arizona Cardinals football, you thought of a high-flying passing attack with pro bowl receivers making amazing catches. And although Kurt Warner has retired, the Cardinals still have the best receiving group in the NFL and their prolific attack should remain strong in 2010, even with Leinart under center. Let's take a look at the group.

Larry Fitzgerald

Age and 2009 Stats: 26-years old (08/31/1983) - 97 catches, 1,092 yards, 13 TD

Contract Status: Signed through 2011

2009 Analysis: Fitzgerald began 2009 appearing on the cover of the Madden football game and was immediately subject to the infamous "Madden Curse". Reportedly, whichever player appeared on the cover would be "cursed", with the results often being injury or "less-productive" seasons. Luckily, Fitzgerald shared the cover with Steelers' safety Troy Polamalu - who seemed to be main casualty in 2009. Although Fitzgerald and the Cardinals offense weren't as explosive as before, Larry's commitment and reliability remained strong. He still made the same acrobatic catches and broke personal records in 2009. He tied a single game-high with 13 catches in Seattle, and also caught a career high 13 touchdown passes during the regular season. Larry was named to the pro bowl and was also the leading receiver on the team.

2010 Outlook: It seems as though Fitzgerald is the only player notdealing with contract issues this offseason. He's signed through 2011 and is ever improving each aspect of this game. With the probable departure of Anquan Boldin this offseason, Fitzgerald will be lining up against opposing team's best cornerbacks if he hasn't been already. Nonetheless, he's sure to be one of the most exciting receivers in the league and another pro bowl or all pro appearance isn't a stretch for him to reach.

Season Grade: A-

Anquan Boldin

Age and 2009 Stats: 29-years old (10/03/1980) - 84 catches, 1,024, 4 TD

Contract Status: Signed through 2010

2009 Analysis: 2009 wasn't the year that Anquan Boldin broke out or reverted back to his old punishing style. Instead, he took a step backwards and was injured from the very opening week of the season. Although he battled through his injuries, there's not doubt they took their toll on Boldin's 29-year old battered body. He did eclipse the 1,000-yard mark but only caught four touchdowns for the entire year. Either way, Boldin was the same emotional leader on the field and he still managed to single-handily lead the Cardinals in 3-4 of their wins.

2010 Outlook: We've beat the Anquan Boldin-trade-drum for the last three seasons and with the final year of his contract approaching, it's in the best interest of the Cardinals organization to finally trade him while there is still value. There are too many holes at other positions for the Cardinals to pass up any additional draft picks. It's certain however, that no matter where Boldin goes to, he'll be a leader on the team and a star on the field.

Season Grade: C+

Steve Breaston

Age and 2009 Stats: 26-years old (08/20/1983) - 55 catches, 712 yards, 3 TD

Contract Status: Restricted Free Agent

2009 Analysis: Breaston didn't bask in the same success he achieved in 2008, but that's not to say this past year wasn't productive. Despite being the third string receiver for the majority of the year and nursing an injured knee that he suffered in training camp, Breaston appeared in 14 games and both playoff games. Breaston's production went unnoticed throughout the year, but he still managed to catch over 700 yards and was a threat on punt returns once he was completely healthy. 

2010 Outlook: With the potential loss of Boldin, Breaston seems primed for a dominant 2010. He'd be moved into the starting role along side Fitzgerald, and would certainly become the primary deep threat for Matt Leinart. As of now, the offense remains a question mark with a new starting quarterback and a possible offensive scheme. Will Breaston still flourish in the Cardinals system?

Season Grade: B

Early Doucet

Age and 2009 Stats: 24-years old (10/28/1985) - 17 catches, 214 yards, 1 TD

Contract Status: Signed through 2010

2009 Analysis:We didn't see much of Early Doucet until the tail end of the season, but what we did see was impressive. In fact, it proved just why the Cardinals drafted him in the third round of 2008's draft. Although he was buried in the depth chart for most of the season, his breakout game came against the St. Louis Rams when he scored the first touchdown of his career. In the wild card round against the Packers, Doucet was one of Kurt Warner's primary targets throughout the game, proving that he didn't need more experience to step up in clutch situations.

2010 Outlook: Doucet will essentially be pushed into the role that Anquan Boldin has served in his time in Arizona as the slot receiver. He has the prototypical size and strength and he's already demonstrated the will to fight for an extra yard. As long as he can stay healthy and productive, he should have no problem developing into the next star receiver that the Cardinals have produced.

Season Grade: B

Jerheme Urban

Age and 2009 Stats: 29-years old (11/26/1980) - 18 catches, 186 yards

Contract Status: Restricted Free Agent

2009 Analysis: After impressing the coaches with a stellar training camp, it was perceived that Urban would serve as the Cardinals fourth string receiver in 2009. Unfortunately, his lack of ball control has hurt him his entire career in Arizona and it was felt when he lost a pivotal fumble against the Saints in the playoffs.

2010 Outlook: Urban is set to be a free agent, with the hopes idea that the Cardinals won't look to re-sign him. If they do, it would only be for insurance purposes. Urban's role would be diminished if he returned to the team next season.

Season Grade: D

Sean Morey

Age and 2009 Stats: 33-years old (02/26/1976)

Contract Status: Free Agent

2009 Analysis: If we were grading Morey on how he performed as a wide receiver, he'd be subject to an F. Fortunately for him, he made his money on special teams. He's the leader of the Cardinals special teams unit and despite suffering concussions throughout the year, he was still one of the primary coverage players. He didn't see the pro bowl for the second straight year but was selected as an alternate.

2010 Outlook: He's quickly approaching 34-years of age but the Cardinals shouldn't have a problem bringing him back for another 1-2 years. He won't ever be a star wide receiver, but it's the other intangibles that he brings to the team that matter.

Season Grade: C+

Onrea Jones

Age and 2009 Stats: 26-years old (12/22/1983)

Contract Status: Signed to future contract

2009 Analysis: Jones has been a training camp regular for the past two seasons and it was believed that he'd have a better chance at making the team this past year. Instead he was cut before the season started and didn't accumulate any stats.

2010 Outlook: During the 2009 preseason, Jones showed flashes of his potential and many ROTB regulars hope the Cardinals give him more of a chance next season. We can assume that Urban won't be with the team next year, and with Boldin possibly gone as well, Jones' opportunity to make the team is at its greatest chance.

Season Grade: N/A

Ed Gant

Age and 2009 Stats: 25-years old (01/24/1985)

Contract Status: Signed to future contract

2009 Analysis: Gant didn't play a snap for the starting offense but stayed on the coaches radar for this work ethic and special teams play.

2010 Outlook: He could be the odd man out once training camp comes to an end. He'll likely spend the majority of the year on the practice squad.

Season Grade: N/A


The Cardinals don't need to target any wide receivers in free agency or the draft, but they do need to establish very soon on whether or not they'll trade Anquan Boldin. That is one situation that will develop in time, but for right now the Cardinals are at least set knowing they have the best wide receiver in the game and several young receivers that can develop into quality starters. What are your thoughts on the wide receivers?