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Revenge Of The Birds Store Update

For the last two weeks we've been working on the official Revenge of the Birds store and it's officially available. If you scroll midway down the screen and look to the right side, you'll see the widget for the shop. There, you can browse the items that are currently available and even purchase them. Double click on the item you would like to purchase and you'll be directed to the store. Just remember that the final product will look much better. In most cases the font/picture will be bigger and centered correctly. You can change the colors of the items once you're in the store as well. Also make sure that if you plan on purchasing multiple items, it's cheaper to do it all at once, because you'll save money on the shipping.

We'll be adding more items during the offseason, but for now I wanted to get at least 2-3 shirts up and running. Don't think your ideas went unnoticed. Right now we have, " In Whiz We Trust", "The Whiz of AZ", and very soon I'll have a shirt up of the site logo. Any constructive feedback is appreciated, and any ideas should be sent to or posted below. Thanks guys.