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Cardinal Fans Familiar With Both Super Bowl Teams

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, and if we know anything, it's that the Cardinals faced both of these teams in 2009.

Not that long ago the Cardinals were in the divisional round of the NFC playoffs and were given a shellacking at the hands of the Saints. The loss essentially sealed the fate of the Cardinals' season and Kurt Warner's career.

Week three of the regular season featured a Sunday night match up between the Cardinals and the Colts, in which Peyton Manning had his way with the secondary throwing for 379 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Cardinals lost 31-10 and limped into their bye week.

Both losses were viewed in front of a national audience and left a sour taste in the mouths of Cardinal fans.

As the grill is fired up and the alcohol is consumed, we'll sit down to watch the biggest sports spectacle in the world this Sunday. But as Cardinals fans, who do we root for?

It's a difficult choice considering both teams left the Cardinals battered and embarrassed, but there is a sliver of reason behind choosing one of the teams.

The Saints have been blundered with bad luck/play/and overall production in their existence and feature a history very similar to the Cardinals. They brought in Drew Brees and gave him a chance to lead their team, and now he's a hero to the city of New Orleans(how could you not like the guy?). They have a savvy vet in safety Darren Sharper, who's yearning for his last hoorah. Jeremy Shockey can only anticipate hoisting the Lombardi Trophy above his head just to stick it to the Giants. Then you have Reggie Bush, who surely can't wait for his chance at redemption.

On the other side of the field you have the Colts, who feature the best quarterback in the league in Peyton Manning. He manages to always say and do the right thing, despite the amount of media attention that's on him 24/7. They have two very young rookie receivers in Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie, who have played their hearts out during the season and in the playoffs. First year coach Jim Caldwell, is dying to prove those wrong who doubted his decision to rest the starters instead of aiming for the perfect season. Obviously the biggest argument against the Colts is that they won the big game three years ago, and they're clearly not the underdog.

So being Cardinal fans, we've seen each team up, close, and personal, so who will you be rooting for and why?