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RotB Playoff Pick'em Final Standings

First off, congratulations New Orleans Saints on their Super Bowl 44 victory.  Hell hath truly frozen over.  Congratulations also go to, um, me (?!), for picking the team that DaCards didn't pick, as my 31-30 Saints prediction garnered 37 Pick'em Points (matching Andrew602's Points with his 34-27 prediction) allowing me to sneak ahead of DaCards by four points — points lost due to DaCards picking the Colts to win 31-21.  ::wonk, wonk, wooooonk:: 

And now for something completely different.  Time to ponder the off season and prepare for the Cardinals trip to the 2010 post-season!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the three forms of RotB Pick'em this past season.  Of the three formats used, was there one you enjoyed more than the others?  For a refresher, in the pre-season we picked the whole week's schedule of games but the winner was who had the worst prediction percentage; during the regular season only eight games were picked from prime-time games and hard to predict match-ups and the winner was who had the best prediction percentage; and final format was to predict the final score Pick'em Points assigned based on a formula with the highest total Points crowning the winner for the playoffs.  Next preseason will have something "different" once more but the regular season will be the same format unless there's a huge demand for another format.  Pick'em Points worked out nicely for the post-season as well and could lend itself to the regular season as a potential tie-breaker rather than Weeks Won Points.

Final standings after the jump and I'll be back with the RotB Draft Pick'em in early April.  Until then, be safe and sound.

RotB 2009 Playoff Pick'em Final Standings

Username NO@IND SB PP Total PP
Hawkwind 31-30 37 226
DaCards 21-31 -4 222
JoeCB1991 38-35 25 190
RottPhiler 38-31 29 180
Hibernian 28-31 3 178
robloosli 28-41 -7 178
kengle33 24-34 -4 175
StuckinColorado 24-34 -4 161
Andrew602 34-27 37 145
Cardinalfever 27-34 -1 105
hevchv 31-34 3 75