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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock

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I apologize for the absence over the weekend. During that time there was an abundant amount of news, notably from the NFL Scouting Combine. As you can imagine, in Cardinal-land it's the contract talk regarding three Arizona Cardinals(for the time-being). I guess we should be happy there's a lot to talk about at this point in the offseason. Once May and June hits we'll be dying for some news. Here's the first weekly flock.

Word From the Birds Blog
Cardinals' defensive tackle Darnell Dockett expressed his interest in draft prospect Suh via twitter:Dear Ndamukong Suh I know u might be the 1st pick but can u whine like eli manning and go to another team like the cardinals” “If u wait till we pic ill make sure u with us, me and u will dominate together something serious, thx NINE-0 –please fwd to SUH”

Darren Urban of considers the possibility of the Cardinals adding QB depth in the draft: The Question Of A Mid-Round QB  

In The Cards' Defense
Urban discusses the Cardinals defense: Free agency will also make a difference not only in what the Cards lose but gain. If Dansby departs, it wouldn’t be a surprise to have the Cards chase a couple of linebackers scheduled to be available and that once were with Whisenhunt in Pittsburgh – inside linebacker Larry Foote and outside linebacker Joey Porter

Word From the Birds Blog
Another Levi Brown- a quarterback at the combine -  talked about the Cardinals' Brown and what it was like with another athlete having the same name in the NFL: If Levi the quarterback wasn’t aware of Levi the tackle once upon a time, he certainly was in April of 2007. "It’s weird," Levi the QB said. "A couple years ago when he was coming out, people saw it on the news he got drafted and I had some people calling me, sending me text messages and asking my parents, ‘Did Levi get drafted already?’ I was like, ‘I’m only a sophomore. How am I going to get drafted?’ "

Word From the Birds Blog
Urban said the Cardinals will target Pennington. Not sure what I think about that move: The team wants Chad Pennington (Graves said Pennington, if he becomes a free agent, will be among the quarterbacks the Cards look at).

Word From the Birds Blog
Urban addresses the Cardinals' contract issue with disgruntled receiver Anquan Boldin: The contract extension seems incredibly unlikely. That’s reality right now, and I think the feeling is probably mutual on both sides. That leaves the other two possibilities. General manager Rod Graves said Saturday, "I’d be remiss if I said you could easily replace a player of his caliber," and he’s obviously right. And if the Cards kept him for a final season, he’s an affordable piece.

Word From the Birds Blog
Urban says that the Cardinals could move Levi Brown to left tackle: If Gandy doesn’t come back — which my gut tells me won’t happen — the plan for now is to slide one of the young linemen (Brandon Keith or Herman Johnson) into the right tackle spot and move right tackle Levi Brown to the left side – where Brown played in college.

Bidwill Honored By Pollard Alliance
Cardinals' owner Bill Bidwill received an award. Clearly the highlight of the offseason: Bidwill was honored Friday by the Fritz Pollard Alliance with their Tank Younger award, given to an NFL executive who has made an impact in minority hiring. In 2004, the Cardinals became the first NFL team to have minorities as both general manager and head coach when Dennis Green was hired by GM Rod Graves.

Cardinals may be more motivated to deal Anquan Boldin
Kent Somers thinks Anquan's days are numbered: A contract extension doesn't appear part of that plan. With a year to go until free agency, it's doubtful that Boldin would re-sign, although the club could use the franchise tag in 2011, provided such a designation exists under a new collective-bargaining agreement.

Cardinals look to reach deal with safety Antrel Rolle
Somersalso listed some tidbits including Antrel Rolle's contact and Russ Grimm's son Cody - who could be drafted by the Cardinals: Cody played outside linebacker at Virginia Tech, where he walked on and earned a scholarship in his sophomore year. The Hokies played a 4-4 defensive scheme, so Cody said his position closely resembled a strong safety.

Cardinals need to replenish quarterback position
Somers believes the Cardinals will look for a veteran back up quarterback for Leinart: The free-agent market is full of quarterbacks with recognizable names but diminishing talents. The Dolphins likely are going to part with Chad Pennington, who is coming off more shoulder problems. Daunte Culpepper of the Lions, Charlie Batch of the Steelers, and Josh McCown of the Panthers are among the more well-known players available.

Mike Sando reminds us what to look for in Antrel Rolle's contract situation: Points to remember on Cardinals' Rolle - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Cardinals: In Whisenhunt they trust - NFC West Blog - ESPN
After the contract extension, Sando considers that this season could be Ken Whisenhunt's toughest test, but he's built a winner through the draft: Much like Whisenhunt's former organization, the Steelers, Arizona has succeeded in using the draft to replace key veterans lost in free agency. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, running back Beanie Wells, defensive end Calais Campbell, running back Tim Hightower and running back LaRodStephens-Howling made significant contributions beginning as rookies.

Arizona-to-Miami pipeline about to gush? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sando also looks at the potential free agents the Dolphins are considering: Arizona Cardinalsgeneral manager Rod Graves made some comments at the NFL scouting combine that should catch the attention of Dolfans. Graves spoke about three Cardinals the Miami Dolphinscould use: receiver Anquan Boldin, linebacker Karlos Dansbyand safety Antrel Rolle.