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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock

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There's a lot of new links stemming from the last couple days. Ken Whisenhunt made a lot of people think twice when he declared that Matt Leinart will need to earn the starting position for next season. I personally agree with what Darren Urban said about it. He's right. Mike Sando also had a productive conversation with John Clayton about overtime in the playoffs. There idea for a change makes a lot of sense, but shouldn't it be for the entire season?

The search goes on
Darren Urban gives his opinion on Ken Whisenhunt stating that Leinart needs to earn the starting job:"It’s funny to me to a point that people are making a big deal (in this case, but that’s not the only place) about coach Ken Whisenhunt declining to "give" Leinart the starting job. Whisenhunt doesn’t give out starting jobs. Heck, Kurt Warner had more touchdown passes the last eight games of the 2007 season — more than Tom Brady in that span in the year Brady threw for an NFL-record 50 — while Leinart struggled before his injury that season, and Warner still had to compete with Leinart and beat him out in training camp 2008."

Collecting Tight Ends
Urban discusses the tight ends:"The Cardinals should be set at tight end, however, unless someone intriguing becomes available at the draft. The Cards are back to having four tight ends under contract – Becht, Spach, Ben Patrick and Dominique Byrd."

The best safeties
After signing with the Giants, Antrel Rolle declared that he and Kenny Phillips might be the best safety tandem next season. A Dub had his response: " 'Best safety tandem?' he said, showing that look you get from your dad when you’re a kid acting like you know everything when you really don’t. 'Hold on there now. Just hold on a minute.' " - Leinart is confident, wants to be great
In a KTAR interview, Matt Leinart expressed the following: '" 'Competition makes you better, I'm aware of that," Leinart said about what other quarterback the Cardinals are going to sign. "To be honest with you I'm not really worried about anything. I don't know if that's cockiness or not. "I'm confident that I can do it. I've been in the system for three years. To me it doesn't really matter because I'm focused on my job.' "

Somers: Matt Leinart no sure thing as Arizona Cardinals QB
Kent Somers discusses the Cardinals quarterback situation and Matt Leinart: After three years under Whisenhunt, Leinart probably expects nothing more. Some coaches coddle quarterbacks. Whisenhunt, however, seems to prefer the creative tension created by competition for the job, and that should be a big selling point as the Cardinals look for second and third quarterbacks. blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - The star of the combine
Somers also talks about Cardinals' strength and conditioning coach John Lott. He links to a video compilation done by Darren Urban.

Kiper mock update: Cardinals at No. 26 - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Mike Sando discusses Mel Kiper's pick for the Cardinals - Jerry Hughes:"The Cardinals seem confident that outside linebackers Will Davis and Cody Brown can develop well enough to pick up where Chike Okeafor and Bertrand Berry left off. Kiper projects Hughes as helping replace productivity lost when Karlos Dansby departed in free agency. Hughes was much more of a pass-rusher in college than Dansby, and that's OK. The Cardinals can use all the pass-rush help they can get."

As Anderson visits, what of Bulger? - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sando discusses the possibility of Marc Bulger joining the Cardinals:"Some thought Kurt Warner was finished when he left the Rams after a horrible 2002 season and a one-start showing in 2003. Bulger was never as good as Warner at his best, but he was good enough from 2002 through 2006 to prove he could succeed with a strong supporting cast. The Cardinals have a strong enough supporting cast on offense to give Bulger a chance."

Cards seek competition for Leinart - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sando also addresses Whisenhunt's comments on Matt Leinart:"Whisenhunt, speaking Tuesday on XTRA910 radio in Phoenix, said the Cardinals would sign a quarterback to compete with Leinart. Not to back up Leinart, but to fight for the job. Whisenhunt said he has a "great deal" of confidence in Leinart, but he also told Leinart the team would bring in competition."

Draft Watch: NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Also from Sando, he discusses the Cardinals previous drafts:"Seven of the nine players Arizona has drafted among the top 50 picks since 2005 project as starters for the upcoming season. That's not bad, although one of the seven -- Antrel Rolle, selected eighth overall in 2005 -- will do so for the Giants."

Double coverage: Overtime debate - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Finally, he and John Clayton discuss a potential change to overtime in the playoffs. I second the change: "In overtime, both teams would get at least one possession unless one team scored a touchdown on the first possession. This would prevent a team from moving quickly into range for the winning field goal before the other team had a chance to get its offense on the field. Owners are expected to vote on the measure during their spring meetings March 21-24."

A Cards Collapse? Don't Count on It -- NFL FanHouse
Over at NFL Fanhouse, they discuss the Cardinals offseason plans and how they've turned a new leaf:"Give the Bidwill family credit for not messing around with Whisenhunt and Graves, a duo that pointed these once wingless (and foul) fowls in the right direction. They have a plan. It may not be perfect -- some events have taken place (such as Warner's retirement) to challenge it -- but the organization now has a solid infrastructure and in Whisenhunt, the first Cards coach to get a second contract since the club moved from St. Louis in 1988, an admired and achieving leader out front."