Mock Draft Wishlist

Good morning. At Gang Green Nation, we are doing a mock draft where one of us picks a team and we are that teams GM for the first 2 rounds. Its straight forward, there are no trades, or RFA signings, etc. I was looking for a little help.

I chose the Cardinals because I feel I have a good sense of what the team is lacking. My gameplan was to probably look at Hughes or Graham if one was available but I wanted to hear from you great fans. I think a strong OLB presence would be a big need, an ILB, and possibly more depth on the DL or secondary. QB could be a concern, but Unless Claussen or Bradford fell, I probably won't be selecting one in the first two rounds. I also think the OL could use a little boost.


Anyways, if you could be so kind, please make some suggestions. Is there anyone the team is very high on, or that you are. Am I missing any needs?

Thank you.

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