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Caption This Pic

We're back with another Caption This segment. With all the recent combine and free agency talk, more important things have occurred. Luckily for this Saturday, I wanted to continue the segment. The last winner was najmsh, with his caption between Larry Fitzgerald and Mark Sanchez. The caption was, "Weren't you that guy on the bachelor?" This week, we'll be using a pic that I've had my eye on. I figured it was too soon to use at the time but now that the dust has settled, we can caption this pic of Kurt Warner and Reggie Bush. I'm sure the camera just caught Kurt at the wrong time but if I didn't know any better I'd say he was mean-muggin' Reggie. Anyways, the rules to Caption This are after the jump...

Here's the basics:

  • Write a caption for the featured picture. It can be what the player(s) are thinking, saying, or just your caption for the scene.
  • If you view the post, vote for someone elses caption. You can do this by selecting actions>rec underneath the person's comment. The more votes we get, the more competitive the offseason "game" will be.
  • You're name will be added to the list with the total number of votes you've received and the number of weeks you've won. This time, at the end of the offseason the winner will get an Arizona Cardinals prize.
  • Leaderboard

    Player Total Votes Weeks Won
    najmsh 7 1
    AJBirdWatcher 6 1
    IrishCardinal 3 1
    Boogatt66 5 0
    Andrew602 3 0
    Fitz Jizzle 2 0
    az78true 2 0
    3nOUT 2 0
    CardsFan08 1 0
    sc464 1 0
    hevchv 1 0
    dacards 1 0
    GDLCardsfan 1 0