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Arizona Cardinals Potential Draft Pick: Dominique Franks

Dominique Franks, Oklahoma, CB

Height and Weight: 5'11, 194 lbs


Franks has started every game for the last two seasons for the Sooners and has recorded six interceptions and 15 passes defensed in that span. During that time, he was awarded first-team all-conference accolades in 2009 and second-team honors in 2008. Franks was also a capable kick and punt returner while at Oklahoma(featured picture is a 51-yard punt return). Although Franks time at the combine didn't pan out to what he had hoped, he improved his 40-yard dash at Oklahoma's pro day, running a 4.40.

Combine Results


Drills 40-yard dash Bench Press
Results 4.59 10

Projected Round: Bottom 1st - 3rd


Franks is a defensive back that is very aware of his surroundings. He reads quarterback's eyes well and recognises screens and reverses often. He has great route recognition and will not only read his man, but others around him. He's a very physical corner, making contact often within the first five yards of a route. He has great technique backpedaling and turning his hips. He has good change of direction skills and will stay with his man stride by stride. Franks has great recovery speed and often baits quarterbacks to throw the out route so he can plant his foot and bat the ball away. His tackling is on or off, but he has the frame and abilities to bring down most ball carriers. With his time at Oklahoma, Franks was a likable teammate and never had issues with coaches. He has a strong work ethics and drive to get better.


While he excells in almost every category, Franks may need more work before he can immediately jump in and help an NFL team. He sometimes makes "bonehead" mistakes and has let a few interceptions slip through his grasp during his time in college. He doesn't possess ideal tackling technique. Bigger running backs would likely plow through him or stiff arm him away. Franks didn't communicate well with the safeties at Oklahoma and there were more big plays allowed then there should've been with the amount of talent they had in the secondary. Although he has the ability to return punts and kicks, he hasn't shown flashes of being a dynamic return man.


Franks could land in multiple places on draft day. Some mock drafts have teams taking him towards the end of the 1st round, while others project he'll land somewhere in the 3rd. If Franks can learn to work with other teammates and avoid some of the mistakes he made in college, he'll have a bright career in the NFL.

After the signing of Bryant McFadden didn't work out, the Cardinals find themselves in desperate need of a corner who can start opposite of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. McFadden may very well be staring at the nickel role for next season, meaning the starting position is a complete unknown. Greg Toler showed some flashes of why the Cardinals gambled on him last year, but we don't know entirely if he's ready to start. Adding Franks would give the Cardinals another talent in the secondary to work with, and with little improvements through training camp, he could pan out to be a steal in the second round. What are your thoughts on Franks and should the Cardinals sign him?