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Revenge Of The Birds Community Mock Draft: 2nd Pick, Detroit Lions

With the second pick of the 2010 Revenge of the Birds community Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions select...

Russell Okung, Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State
Positives: Okung has good measurables: at 6' 5", 310 lbs and a 36" arm length he is good size for an OT in the NFL. He benched 225lbs 38 times at the combine, which shows he has spent time in the weight room. He is very good in pass protection. He is agile for his size and shows good quickness in his kick slide against the speed rush. He competes on every snap and has been durable.
Negatives: Only ran a 5.17 in the 40 at the combine. He is not as effective run blocking as pass blocking. He is not consistent in space when pulling, or blocking at the second level. His pad level is sometimes too high when drive blocking.
Why the Lions will take him: The general consensus is that the Lions will take either an offensive, or defensive tackle here. The Lions recently traded for DT Corey Williams. They already have a lot invested in the defensive tackle position. They need a good OT to protect their young QB's blind side. Good OT's are hard to find in free agency. Although Suh and McCoy may have a higher overall grade, Okung is not much of a reach here and he fills an urgent need for the Lions.
Many thanks to WeiWuWei for posting this pick and the write up. That puts hevchv on the clock with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick. Send me an email with your pick some time today at The remaining picks and who selected who are after the jump...
  1. St. Louis - Sam Bradford, QB
  2. Detroit - Russell Okung, OT
  3. Tampa Bay - hevchv
  4. Washington - cardsfanforlife24
  5. Kansas City - Pyromnc
  6. Seattle - lorenzothedog
  7. Cleveland - az78true
  8. Oakland - CardsDefense
  9. Buffalo - pcock45
  10. Jacksonville - Spigadang
  11. Denver - AJBirdWatcher
  12. Miami - AlaskanCard
  13. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  14. Seattle - 7ftCard
  15. New York Giants - najmsh
  16. Tennessee - kj197728
  17. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  18. Pittsburgh - Cardscrazy247
  19. Atlanta - durst
  20. Houston - DaCards
  21. Cincinnati - LAcardsfan
  22. New England - Hadrarius
  23. Green Bay - notliketheboardgame
  24. Philadelphia - robloosli
  25. Baltimore - Skii
  26. Arizona - ROTB community
  27. Dallas - manderson367
  28. San Diego - WhiffSD
  29. New York Jets - Drullin'OverDaCards
  30. Minnesota - tooman234
  31. Indianapolis - TheAngelsColts
  32. New Orleans - Reo Hayes