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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock Of Links

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Today's a relatively slow day in the NFL, of course, aside from the OT change that was made on Tuesday. I discussed how I felt earlier this week and I like the change. I do however, believe the rule change should affect the regular season as well. It only makes sense doesn't it?

Anyway, I don't have a link for this but on my way to work[listening to the NFL channel on Sirius Satelite radio] I heard them talking to Ken Whisenhunt in an interview at the owners meetings. Whisenhunt stated that the reason he's been impressed with Matt Leinart is based on how he's handled everything his offseason. He said he was "judging him from a mental standpoint" and that he thinks Matt is doing everything right so far. Again, it's still early but my confidence in Leinart is growing. Here's the most recent links.

A number of options
Darren Urban talks about Joey Porter possibly getting his current[and only] jersey number(#55) from linebacker Reggie Walker. If it makes him happy and he produces sacks, just fork it over I say. Here's Urban's take: "Officially, Porter hasn’t been issued a jersey number. I asked Clark Haggans, a good friend of Porter’s, and he just shook his head and said, "I’m staying out of that one." My guess is that, eventually, Porter and Walker will come to a meeting of the minds and Porter will end up with 55, but you never know."

No comp draft picks
As we already know, the Cardinals won't receive a comp pick in next month's draft. Urban makes the comparison for next year's draft however, and I believe the Cardinals will get some kind of comp pick in 2011: "For now, the Cards’ 2011 comp formula will be Karlos Dansby/Jerheme Urban vs. Paris Lenon/Rex Hadnot."

Now where on free agency
Finally, Urban talks about what's left in free agency stating: "I’m not sure exactly what happens with the Cards now in free agency — I am trying to get that answer — I wouldn’t be surprised if the plan, at least until the draft, is to chase a few of the Cards’ own un-signed guys like Bryan Robinson and then wait until after the draft to see where else the roster needs talent."

Flexibility at tight end for Cards - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mike Sando looks at the Cardinals tight end situation. He doesn't believe tight end is a need in the draft with four already signed to the roster. I think he's right, so can we stop with the Jermaine Gresham talk?

NFC West teams back OT changes - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sando also looks at each NFC West's teams perspective on the new OT change. Each owner in the west agreed to the new rule. blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - Sponsorship opportunity
Finally, Kent Somers addresses the Cardinals sponsorship issues. He also looks at some possible replacements for Karlos Dansby in the draft. Ronaldo McClain is the only linebacker that comes close but he's out of reach for the Cardinals at pick #26.