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Spam Attacking Revenge Of The Birds

As you may have noticed, Revenge of the Birds has recently faced it's fair share of "Spam". On a bigger level, it's not just ROTB that's experienced the higher volume of spammers, it's actually our entire network.

As of right now, the only defense we have is to ban the spammers. But obviously they don't quit and insist on advertising pizza, shoes, and other clothing items to us. I'm hoping that SB Nation will start another method to block spammers, but that may not happen soon. I've noticed some displeasure from some regulars regarding the spam and I want to put an end to the problem.

Here at SB Nation we can implement a 24-hour waiting period for new members to post or comment. The idea, is that the waiting period will draw off spammers, or I can delete them before they get a chance to do any harm. The drawback however, is that it could cause Cardinal fans that want to talk now to walk away. We're not the biggest community right now so I'd prefer anyone to join whenever they want without a waiting period, which is why I've waited this long to address the topic. So I'll leave it up to you - I'll check this poll tomorrow and whichever option has the most votes, will be the deciding factor.