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Revenge Of The Birds Community Mock Draft: 6th Pick, Seattle Seahawks

With the 5th pick of the Revenge of the Birds community mock draft, the Seattle Seahawks select...

Gerald McCoy | Defense Tackle | Oklahoma

GM: lorenzothedog

Strengths: McCoy 6-4/295. An explosive, quick-twitch interior lineman, has the first-step burst to consistently cross the face of opposing linemen and make his way into the backfield. Is very powerful and sudden on contact. He does a great job working his hands and feet in sync, instantly disengaging inside. Does a great job extending his long arms into linemen on contact and maintaining his balance throughout the play. Consistently gets his hands under the chest plate of opposing defenders and generates an impressive jolt at the point of attack. Possesses the ability to stack and shed inside against the run game, and he does a great job closing on the ball. Displaying impressive lateral suddenness as a pass rusher, he has the agility to consistently sidestep blocks and close on the quarterback. At times this season, he lined up at as five-technique defensive end in passing situations. Showcases the body control to work the up-and-under move. He is a gifted athlete, but it is his awareness off the snap that allows him to routinely get good jumps inside and make his way into the backfield. His combination of explosiveness, length and instincts makes him very difficult to block inside. He looks like a playmaking three-down lineman at the next level with the ability to penetrate inside in a 4-3 scheme or even hold up on the outside as 3-4 DE. Player Comparison: Kevin Williams. Williams is one of the elite defensive tackles in the NFL with his athleticism, instincts and pass-rush ability.

Weakness: Has a tendency to allow his pad level to get a bit upright once he gains a step. Consequently, he can be pushed past the play. McCoy will sometimes take a bad angle against shifty running backs and will get top heavy in his pursuit. Needs to add some bulk and get stronger. Ran a 4.96 at the combine with 23 reps on the bench (225 lbs).

Why the Seahawks will take him: Seattle needs an infusion of talent. The Seahawks hold nine choices in the 2010 NFL draft including the sixth, 14th and 60th picks overall. First year coach Pete Carroll is a defense minded coach and told reporters "our overall approach is to play great defense and run the football," First-year GM John Schneider is a build-through-the-draft guy. What better way to play defense and build than drafting a franchise type DT.

McCoy looks like a sure-fire star. He has zero character problems, has plenty of upside and can demand double teams. One of the quickest DL in the draft. Best fit for 4-3 as a 3 technique which Seattle plays. Has the size and speed to become a dominant DL in the NFL. A leader on and off the field with great work ethic. Not only is McCoy the best pass-rushing interior lineman in the draft, he may be the best defensive player in the draft. The Seahawks really need help on their defensive line, and McCoy is clearly the best player available. Seattle's front office would be thrilled if McCoy falls this far, and I don't think they would take too much time sending in their draft card to Roger Goodell.

Much thanks to lorenzothedog for posting the pick and write up for the Seahawks. That puts az78true on the clock with the Cleveland Browns pick. Please send your pick to sometime today. Reminder to CardsDefense who must submit the Raiders pick on Sunday. The picks and who has who are after the jump...

  1. St. Louis - Sam Bradford, QB
  2. Detroit - Russell Okung, OT
  3. Tampa Bay - Ndamukong Suh, DT
  4. Washington - Bryan Bulaga, OT
  5. Kansas City - Eric Berry, S
  6. Seattle - Gerald McCoy, DT
  7. Cleveland - az78true
  8. Oakland - CardsDefense
  9. Buffalo - pcock45
  10. Jacksonville - Spigadang
  11. Denver - AJBirdWatcher
  12. Miami - AlaskanCard
  13. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  14. Seattle - 7ftCard
  15. New York Giants - najmsh
  16. Tennessee - kj197728
  17. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  18. Pittsburgh - Cardscrazy247
  19. Atlanta - durst
  20. Houston - DaCards
  21. Cincinnati - LAcardsfan
  22. New England - Hadrarius
  23. Green Bay - notliketheboardgame
  24. Philadelphia - robloosli
  25. Baltimore - Skii
  26. Arizona - ROTB community
  27. Dallas - manderson367
  28. San Diego - WhiffSD
  29. New York Jets - Drullin'OverDaCards
  30. Minnesota - tooman234
  31. Indianapolis - TheAngelsColts
  32. New Orleans - Reo Hayes