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Revenge Of The Birds Community Mock Draft: 7th Pick, Cleveland Browns

With the 7th pick of the Revenge of the Birds community mock draft, the Cleveland Browns select...

Jimmy Clausen | Quarterback | Notre Dame

GM: az78true

Strengths: 6’2’’ 217 lbs. and has a strong arm that allows him to make most of the throws necessary to be a top caliber player at the position. He has a very compact delivery motion coupled with power and accuracy to match. He possesses the ability to scan a defense and make the call of whether to audible out or proceed with confidence in his read. He is able to go through his progression quickly and identify which read is true and thus resulting in a positive play. Good pocket awareness and has mobility if the play breaks down and is forced outside the pocket. He maintains his composure in crucial game time moments giving him a good command of the flow of the game whether it’s the 1st quarter or under a minute in the game.

Weaknesses: His footwork can at times lead to him throwing the errant pass. At times his competitive nature gives way to mental mistakes when confronted with situations of adversity. Clausen has a tendency to look to the edges of the field and almost entirely disregard the underneath middle of the field as if he’s afraid to make a mistake. This limits his opportunities at times for big plays. There are moments, as with any prospect at the position, when the pocket collapses around him he will force a throw into traffic.

Why the Browns will take him: With Berry off the board, the Browns take a small leap that Clausen will benefit them more so than Haden in the long term. The offseason moves by the front office suggests they are looking for a quarterback to develop over the next two years. Given the fact Holmgren, the president of football operations, is a west coast offense man and Clausen has been tutored in the same offense it makes sense. Even with the glaring need for help in the defensive backfield the Browns take their shot at a quality prospect to develop for the long term health of the organization. If there was the opportunity to trade down I believe the Browns would do so. All in all this is a good move in the understanding there is help for the secondary in the rounds to come.

Thanks to az78true for posting the pick for the Browns. That puts CardsDefense on the clock with the Oakland Raiders pick. Please email me at today. The picks and who selected who are after the jump...

  1. St. Louis - Sam Bradford, QB
  2. Detroit - Russell Okung, OT
  3. Tampa Bay - Ndamukong Suh, DT
  4. Washington - Bryan Bulaga, OT
  5. Kansas City - Eric Berry, S
  6. Seattle - Gerald McCoy, DT
  7. Cleveland - Jimmy Clausen
  8. Oakland - CardsDefense
  9. Buffalo - pcock45
  10. Jacksonville - Spigadang
  11. Denver - AJBirdWatcher
  12. Miami - AlaskanCard
  13. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  14. Seattle - 7ftCard
  15. New York Giants - najmsh
  16. Tennessee - kj197728
  17. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  18. Pittsburgh - Cardscrazy247
  19. Atlanta - durst
  20. Houston - DaCards
  21. Cincinnati - LAcardsfan
  22. New England - Hadrarius
  23. Green Bay - notliketheboardgame
  24. Philadelphia - robloosli
  25. Baltimore - Skii
  26. Arizona - ROTB community
  27. Dallas - manderson367
  28. San Diego - WhiffSD
  29. New York Jets - Drullin'OverDaCards
  30. Minnesota - tooman234
  31. Indianapolis - TheAngelsColts
  32. New Orleans - Reo Hayes