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After Weekend Arrest, Is Disciplinary Action Looming For Cardinals' Joey Porter?

This past weekend, news broke that newly acquired linebacker Joey Porter was involved in an arrest on suspicion of drunk-driving, allegedly resisting arrest, and assaulting an officer.

The incident occurred when one of Porter's acquaintances was pulled over at a Taco Bell early Saturday morning, with Porter pulling over as well. When he was questioned and asked for a drivers license, Porter refused and attempted to roll the driver's side window up. The officer attempted to unlock the car before Porter slapped the officer's hand away. The officer grabbed Porter's arm, causing Porter hop out of the car "in a confrontational manner". Porter resisted arrest before finally complying with officers - that's what we knew on Saturday.

I let this story sink in the past few days after Cardsfan08 posted the news when it happened. We do know that the alleged charges are misdemeanors and that the act of "assaulting" the officer sounds a bit exaggerated to me. Regardless of the manor in which he "slapped" the officer's hand, it's still considered assault. More from TMZ after the jump...

What worries me is that the NFL will take action - just as they have in the past with other cases. Rather then simply complying with the officers request and facing a DUI charge, Porter made matters worse when he gave the league two more reasons to consider suspension.

However, broke the news that the officer that confronted Porter is currently under investigation:

The deputy who arrested NFL star Joey Porteris under investigation for alleged brutality ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we previously reported, the Arizona Cardinals linebacker was busted during a traffic stop at a Taco Bell in Bakersfield, CA over the weekend.

Porter was busted for allegedly slapping the deputy's hand away as the officer tried to unlock Joey's car door. Joey claims the deputy manhandled him, striking him in the face.

Now we've learned CHP has launched an Internal Affairs investigation into the deputy's conduct.

Porter also claimed that the officer struck him in the face enough times to warrent an investigation, and that he also pointed his gun at Porter when he emerged from the vehicle. Depending on how things go, Porter could be considered the victim when everything is said and done.

Mike Sando also made a good point when he reminded us that two of Seattle's linebackers - Lofa Tatupu and LeRoy Hill - both received DUI's in the last two years and received no punishment from the league. Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch ran over a 27-year old woman and kept driving in 2008 - yet received no suspension.

Should a punishment come, I'd expect no more then a four game suspension. Were his actions wrong? Yes. Will he be held accountable by the state? Yes, and he should. Porter will receive a penalty just as anyone else would, so why should the NFL intervene as well? We may find out very soon if a suspension is looming for Porter.