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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Free Agency Edition

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Friday's almost here and it's been one of the most eventful weeks since the 2009 season ended. The combine already took place and the Cardinals have had their name thrown around this offseason more then in year's past. I'm sure we've yet to scratch the surface with free agency news but here's some links so far. blogs - Kent Somers - KentSomers - Finding a backup QB
Kent Somers discusses possible back up QBs for Leinart. He has the top five list and says the Cardinals won't pursue former Cardinal Josh McCown - thank god: "It's an immediate need for the Cardinals because Matt Leinartis the only quarterback on the roster. The Cardinals should be an attractive spot for quarterbacks because of the lack of depth at the position and Leinart's tenuous hold on the starting job."

NFL free-agent period set to open
Somers also evaluates the free agency period that's about to begin for the Cardinals: "The Cardinals expect to stick with the philosophy they have used for the past three seasons: wait out the initial signing frenzy in free agency, then spend on moderately priced free agents."

Draft Watch: NFC West - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mike Sando discusses the draft about all four NFC West teams: "Selecting Herman Johnson in the 2009 draft showed the Cardinals value super-sized offensive linemen. The trend could continue if Arizona decides to fortify its line in this draft. On defense, the Cardinals have become a more straightforward 3-4 team. Arizona could use a nose tackle in the draft and linebackers with prototypical 3-4 size."

Quick note on Rolle's status - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Sando also lays out some facts on Antrel Rolle's contract status.

What to take in Boldin trade - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sando makes an interesting find, showing the players the Cardinals have drafted in the 2nd and 3rd rounds since 2000. I think I'd rather get a 2nd for Boldin: "I don't think Arizona can get a second-round choice for Boldin under the circumstances. A third-rounder might be worth taking given that Boldin would likely be leaving after the 2010 season unless the team decided to name him its franchise player."

Free Agency's New Look
Darren Urban also provides his own take on the free agency period and the Cardinals: "The lack of a new collective bargaining agreement delivers its first tangible blow to league business at the same time free agency begins – 10 p.m. Arizona time Thursday night – because it coincides with the start of the new league year. Barring a miraculous change in stance from either the owners or the NFL Players Association, a new CBA will not be reached and the NFL will embark on its first year without a salary cap since 1993.'

Word From the Birds Blog - How will the open market treat Dansby?
Urban talks about Karlos Dansby and the open market: "Now, who chases Dansby? Is it the Dolphins? The Redskins? The Giants? The Cards haven’t shut the door, but judging by what Dansby looks like he’ll get on the open market, I don’t expect the Cards to stay in that bidding war." - Tebow and the Cardinals
He also talks about the possibility of Tim Tebow playing for the Cardinals, although the chances are slim: "I think, ultimately, that would be the view of Tebow by the Cards. They need quarterbacks, but if you are iffy on Tebow’s ability to play that spot, there are better risks as the position. Now, if Tebow was saying he was willing to play any position coming in, well, that might change some things. He leaped 38.5 inches, ran a 4.72 40-yard dash and showed all kinds of athleticism both in college and at the Scouting combine that at a shade under 6-foot-3 and 236 pounds, he seemingly would make a good tight end/H-back/fullback."

Word From the Birds Blog - Warner comes back
Well, not really. He comes back for his annual charity tournament: "Anyway, it is time for Warner’s annual tourney, which will be held Saturday on the Cards’ practice fields. He’s got a star-studded list (although it’s not always a lock every guy actually makes it): Besides Warner, the "QBs" for the tournament are Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, Todd Heap, Michael Strahan, Marshall Faulk and then the Cardinals’ contingent — former Falcons QB and current Cards’ quarterback coach Chris Miller, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Sean Morey." - The Warner Legacy

Speaking of Warner, they've compiled a video of the "Warner Legacy" at

Is Dansby worth big free-agent money? | National Football Post
Finally, over at National Football Post, they discuss how worthy Dansby is of a big-time contract: "Dansby, by all accounts, has good character and solid football instincts. Moreover – and this is a key factor in judging whether to pay big money to a player – he has shown good durability, with 46 consecutive starts. He also appears to be the right age, not turning 29 until November, and is blessed with good size for lasting a while."