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Cardinals Tender Michael Adams, Jerheme Urban Not So Lucky

As if the event-filled day couldn't get any more exciting, the Cardinals extended tender offers to exclusive rights of unrestricted free agents Michael Adams(CB), Nehemiah Broughton(FB), and Jeremy Clark(DE). The most notable name on the list was cornerback Michael Adams, who was both the hero and villin of the Cardinals 51-45 OT win over the Green Bay Packers in the wild card round of the playoffs. Adams has always been picked on(verbally and literally) for his short size but makes up for it with heart. He'll still make contributions on defense next year but if the Cardinals learned anything, it's to let him shine on special teams. Broughton and Clark didn't see any time with the team last year and could see extensive time on the practice squad.

In other news, several Arizona Cardinals weren't offered a tender. Jerheme Urban(WR), Stephen Spach(TE), Justin Green(RB), Hamza Abdullah(S), Ben Claxton(C) were not extended offers from the Cardinals, meaning they'll hit the open market. Urban is the biggest name on the list but considering his history of fumbles and dropped passes with the organization, his departure seems past due. By not tendering Spach, it could mean the Cardinals will add tight end depth in the draft. Hamza Abdullah was a late replacement for safety Matt Ware last season, and he expressed his interest in returning to the Cardinals when Revenge Of The Birds interviewed him after the season was over. He had this to say:

Generally I think the feeling is mutual between myself and the Cardinals, and I just feel like it's a great fit, and I love the guys, I love the coaching, I love the organization, and I want to be back. I think the organization wants me back but its just all the different things that happened in the offseason and hopefully we can just come together and make this thing work.

This doesn't mean re-signing him won't happen but it seems unlikely now considering the Cardinals' focus will be on signing safeties Antrel Rolle and Matt Ware. What are your thoughts on the free agency period so far? Are the Cardinals doomed?