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Arizona Cardinals Weekly Flock: Sunday Morning Edition

A lot of news and moves have occurred the last couple days. It's almost unreal how much national attention the Cardinals have received in free agency this year. Although there's usually one team that makes a lot of noise, good or bad. As you can imagine, a lot of the links today are about the Kerry Rhodes trade and Kurt Warner's charity event.

Darren Urban is the first to talk about Rhodes and his new role - New Rolle For Rhodes

Rhodes move shows Cardinals have plan - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Mike Sando talks about the deal and that it may be part of the Cardinals offseason plans: "Kerry Rhodes' addition isn't going to offset all the Cardinals' personnel losses this offseason, but his quick acquisition from the Jets following Antrel Rolle's departure shows Arizona has a plan."

Fitzgerald without Warner, Boldin - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sando also lists some very compelling stats. First he breaks down Fitzgerald's stats without Boldin and Warner, then just Warner, then just Boldin. Clearly the most significant are his stats without Boldin, in which he's considerably better. "There you have it. We can now safely say Arizona will dominate the league with Leinart at quarterback, Fitzgerald at receiver and Boldin out of the picture.

Fitzgerald's numbers without Warner - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Fitzgerald's numbers without Boldin - NFC West Blog - ESPN

Remaining Cards Ready To Move On
Darren Urban was at Kurt Warner's charity event, where Larry Fitzgerald expressed his thoughts:
"We’ve got to have guys step up and fill the shoes," wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. "That’s the NFL. We’re not the only team that’s been beat up by trades and free agency. It happens every year. It happened to be our year this year. We still have to play the games."

Word From the Birds Blog
Urban also saw more Ravens at the event then Cardinals :"...there are actually more active Ravens playing in the tourney (Boldin, tight end Todd Heap and quarterback Joe Flacco, pictured below) than Cardinals (Larry Fitzgerald and Sean Morey, although the recently retired Warner and quarterbacks coach Chris Miller are also out there)."

NFL Videos: Boldin speaks
At the event, Boldin talked about what he thought of the trade. It sucks to see him go: Anquan Boldin is excited about his future in Baltimore but has mixed emotions leaving Arizona.

Boldin Era Ends With Trade
Darren Urban also talks about the loss of Boldin and the end of an era: "It started with 10 catches for 217 yards in Detroit as a new star was born to the Cardinals, a wide receiver with the passion and the personality to be the face of the franchise for years to come. But the Anquan Boldin era ended in Arizona Friday after seven seasons when the three-time Pro Bowler was dealt to the Baltimore Ravens, ending nearly two years of drama between he and the team about his contract situation."

Twitlonger - Darnell Dockett on Twitter:
Finally, Dockett expresses his thoughts after a busy free agency:
"And people don't think just because we lost some key guys that we aint gone bust heads yall trippn we coming even harder and yeah "I SAID IT"