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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

 A bundle of tweets from Arizona Cardinal players on twitter for this past week...tweet-tweet.

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Thoughts on the Donovan McNabb Trade

"the mcnabb trade just shows u it doesnt matter how much u have done for a franchise when they are done with u they are done!!" - Kerry Rhodes - I guess he's still a little bitter.

"but hes gonna help out washington alot theres no doubt about it! he just made the probowl this year lol! he stills has some juice left" - Kerry Rhodes

"When a team gives up on a player, it's foolish if u believe the player doesn't want to prove them wrong." - Jay Feely

"When player works out he pushes himself by thinking of the slight. If they play former team, every play is opportunity to prove em wrong" - Jay Feely - It's good to see that Jay Feely is honest about this.

"it's all bizness bro" - Beanie Wells

"@BeanieWells26 no question" - Kerry Rhodes

"the eagles whipp the deadskins ass so they got mcnabb HOW LAME! And #5 went from a winning program to a team that DONT WIN! I feel bad 4 him" - Darnell Dockett - Ouch.

"Yoo what the hell, exscuse my language But did I just hear the redskins trying to trade albert haynesworth ALREADY wow I'm going to the Bar" - Darnell Dockett - And Nine O has left the building.

 A word from Darnell Dockett

"Who wanna go running with me at 5am? I'm gonna run 3miles and 15 110yd sprints and 500abs 250push ups then go to the gym for a 7am work out!" - Darnell Dockett - I'll pass.

"OHHHH hey yall I got a IDEA, I'm bout to do something REALLY CRAZY Right now if I don't come back in 30mins yall call the police REALTALK!!" - Darnell Dockett - Should we just call now?

"Man OH Man! Geeesh 30mins huh!I swear I love this feeling! Working like I'm underpaid..... hold up! ummmm nother mind! Back 2 to buisness!!" - Darnell Dockett - ???

"Mann I want some chicken wings MUMBO sauce with shrimp fried rice 4dollar extra shrimp and a Cherry Dr Pepper and doubletree hotel cookies!" - Darnell Dockett - A truely elegant meal.

"Mannn this is truely amazin that we are made for one another! I want to tell the whole world I love you @Oprah !!" - Darnell Dockett - This is awkward. Don't you love the photoshop job. It looks like Dockett has six fingers.

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"I. Just woke ip with 80% of my clothes off, was I sleepn wild, or a ghost raped me! But I know I had on 2socks, shorts and a W/beeter! WTF!" - Darnell Dockett - Ugh. I hate it when this happens!

"Mann I just saw a dude with some skinny jeans so tight they look like leggNs, they made him walke bo leg cause they were so tight! Damnsham!" - Darnell Dockett - Men and really tight skinny jeans do not mix. I'm sorry.

"Gilbert arenas went to jail today for 2days! WOW! If he give me 100k I'd did them 2days for him, and came home and made a rap album! YUUUUP!" - Darnell Dockett

"God has Been Great to me! I just realized I've started Every football game for the last 10yrs! ! ! At the toughest positon there is DT!" - Darnell Dockett

Around the league with Dockett

"Im gonna go to tennesee titans facilty tommorow I wonder if I walk in there and ask coach fisher can I work out with his team will he letme?" - Darnell Dockett

"I'm gonna be in SF for a few days next week for a mtg. I wonder would coach singletary let me work out there for a few days what yall think?" - Darnell Dockett

"Dear Coach Singletary ill Be in SF next week 4 a mtg & I was wonderding do u mind if I come by 2 work out 4 a few days? Ill treat u 2 lunch." - Darnell Dockett 

"2workouts done having a great day Till Karlos Dansby call to brag on how miami dolphins are showing him love and they treat him "GREAT"!" - Darnell Dockett - You mean how they overpaid him?

"I'm now mad as hell, I wanna cry! But the GOOD news is he told me I could get a LOAN and he's gonna miss me on game day I feel a lil better!" - Darnell Dockett

Cody and Will visit Vegas

"Just made it to las Vegas bout to have a good time I hope...I'll keep y'all posted" - Will Davis

"@azlb59 we goin innnnnn young skipper... " - Cody Brown

"The dennys in las Vegas is crazy I just want some pancakes" - Will Davis - Will Davis can eat. He tweets more about food then anything else.

"just arrived@ Caesars Palace. Vegas." - Cody Brown

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"vegas" - Cody Brown

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"They got fake Louis purses at cvs now.... What's the world coming 2" - Will Davis - Only in Vegas.

"At ceasars forum shops and the gucci store is amazing......can't leave empty handed" - Will Davis

"Why does every high end store I know not have my size in t shirts" - Will Davis - What a shame

"At pure at ceasars palace having a ball if your here in Vegas come out" - Will Davis

"Tao was pretty good now I'm headed to see David copperfield.....first ever magic show" - Will Davis - I'll take Criss Angel over Copperfield any day. A real magician.

"Had a great time in Vegas now it's about time head home to become great" - Will Davis

"cant wait to get these pancakes so i can b on my way to AZ...i think @tbalt had sex with Brooke Hogan last night...unreal balty" - Cody Brown - Sounds like an exciting night. Watch out for Hulk.

Calais Campbell on the greatest sports movie ever made

"what's the best sports movie ever made?" - Calais Campbell

"growing up mines was always The Program" - Calais Campbell

"Miracle was amazing too!!!" - Calais Campbell

"Blue chips was amazing too" - Calais Campbell

"The Rookie with Dennis Quaid was great too" - Calais Campbell

"yeah you cant forget Jerry Maguire" - Calais Campbell

Random Tweets

"I am on my way to watch my brother's comedy show, but I can barely move bc im so sore!!!" - Calais Campbell - A testiment to John Lott's program.

"For those wanting info on how to sign up for my football clinic please go to my Fan Page, the info is posted there" - Beanie Wells

"Question of the night: How do you make an Easter basket and not fill it with junk candy?" - Jay Feely - I ask myself that question every day.

"Just landed in Phoenix! Time to start my career as a Cardinal. Let's get to work!!" - Jay Feely

"Sup gr8 people so it's week 2 day1 offseason program things went well running/lifting in physical, yet uplifting da spiritual stay up." - Stevie Baggs

"Ok folks Day2 offseason training was gr8 seeing progress getting stronger, bigger, faster.... Focus births success" - Stevie Baggs

"Jus smashed Steve Breaston in homie" - Cody Brown

"It went thru..I'm 50 now..52 is jus not I can get back to dominating" - Cody Brown - Another number change at linebacker. I like the move. A new season for Brown.

"Had a great time on First Take yesterday and today with @skipbayless & @jaycrawfordespn. I always enjoy getting after it with Skip." - Jay Feely - Nice to see a Cardinal on ESPN for once.


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