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Evaluating The Preseason Schedule: Week 2 - Cardinals vs Bears

Note: The regular season schedule should be released by the NFL sometime this week. We'll be finished with the preseason schedule tomorrow.

Next up are the Chicago Bears, as the Arizona Cardinals travel to Soldier Field in the third week of the preseason. The starters will see the most action this week, and the road experience will be valuable for the rookies.

Preseason Week 2: at Chicago Bears

Last Game: November 8th, 2009 - Cardinals won 41-21

  • The Cardinals opened up the first half on fire, jumping out to a 31-7 lead. Kurt Warner already threw four touchdown passes and the Cardinals defense had stifled the Bears passing and rushing attack.
  • The second half sang a different tune, as Jay Cutler and the bears offense threatened the Cardinals lead. The Cardinals buckled down in the end and secured the 20-point victory. The team finished with 182 rushing yards for the day.

Why the Bears were selected and benefits to playing them after the jump...

Why the Bears were selected and benefits to playing them in the preseason:

  • The third preseason game is usually the game in which the starters play the longest(generally two quarters and possibly start the 3rd quarter). The offense will get a chance to play the most important preseason game on the road, in a tough environment at Soldier Field.
  • The Bears were likely selected because of the passing threat that Jay Cutler brings to the offense. Although he had problems with interceptions last year, he did throw 369 yards and three touchdowns in their last meeting.
  • Watch for newly signed Bear, Julius Peppers on defense. Peppers manhandled the Cardinals offensive line when the Panthers traveled to University of Phoenix Stadium last season. Matching him up with the line will be interesting, even if he only plays one quarter.
  • New offensive coordinator Mike Martz is running things this time around and will likely be experimentingng with the offense at this point in the preseason. His offensive scheme will be a good test for the Cardinals secondary.

Overall this is the preseason game I will be looking forward to the most since the starters play the most time. However last year against the Packers, Ken Whisenhunt pulled most of the starters after the first series and that game was a disaster. We'll have to wait and see Whisenhunt's plan this year.