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RotB Pick'em: 2010 NFL Draft - 1st Round

The 2010 NFL Draft is nearly upon us and it is time to think....Pick'em?  After a nice long break, Pick'em pokes it's head out of the turtle shell it calls the "Offseason" to whip up some prediction fun at the expense of soon to be overpaid rookies.  Think you know how the NFL Draft is going to go down?  Prove your mental masturbation mastery then and you will take home a Cardinals Draft Day hat, courtesy of Revenge of the Birds!  To play Draft Pick'em is as easy as it sounds:  pick the first 32 teams and the order they will draft in (gimme points as long as there are no trades!); pick the player position that will be drafted at each of the first 32 slots; lastly, a name and the college of the player drafted at each slot.  You must predict the entire first round; skip a pick and you're disqualified!

Each slot is scored one point for the correct team at that draft position; two points for the correct player position; and five points for the correct player's name and college.  No points are scored for vague answers:  just stating New York is wrong as there are two teams bub; OL is vague as is DB, listing their college position is the safe way to go; cannot spell their name correctly or get the wrong college paired up with the name ----> ::wonk, wonk, wooooonk::  No points.

Submit your entries as a comment below OR submit you picks to your RotB Game Show Host at "difonix at yahoo dot com".  I'll post the names of those that submit via e-mail each day.  Your predictions must be in before the Rams are off the clock next Thursday.

Good luck!