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With Brian St. Pierre On Back Burner, What Are The Cardinals Plans Now?

Yesterday evening the Arizona Cardinals notified free agent quarterback Brian St. Pierre to stay home, instead not flying out to Arizona to sign with the team. Needless to say he couldn't have been thrilled. St. Pierre would fill the third spot on the depth chart at quarterback with zero chance to compete for the starting bid, so playing time was going to be sparse anyway. Now he'll have to sit and ponder the reason the Cardinals asked him to hold back, and question whether his job as a back up is secure in Arizona. And in the mix of all of this, where does that leave the Cardinals?

As of right now only two quarterbacks are signed to the roster in Derek Anderson and Matt Leinart. The front office has experienced the busiest offseason in the last decade with trades, free agent departures, and free agent signings. It wouldn't come as a surprise if the Cardinals name was thrown into the Marc Bulger signing or Jason Campbell trade talk. After all, Arizona was the "primary destination" for Donovan McNabb just before he was traded to the Redskins. So is there yet another new face that's set to join the organization?

Marc Bulger

Bulger is clearly approaching the end of his NFL career but that's not to say he doesn't have gas left in the tank. He just turned 32-years old and has 10 years of league experience. Last season was injury riddled and his numbers weren't eye-opening(1,469 yards, 5 TD, 6 INT). At best he could come in and make Anderson and Leinart better. The added competition could start a fire under Leinart's butt if there wasn't one there already. Should Bulger receive playing time, there's no saying what he could do with very better offense then what he had in St. Louis. The Cardinals had interest in Bulger before they signed Anderson - maybe they still do.

Jason Campbell

I'll tell you one thing - I don't think Campbell is a very good quarterback and would be opposed to the Cardinals trading for him. His leadership was questioned by teammates, and I don't believe he has the arm nor the accuracy to play for the Cardinals. He plays not to lose. Giving up a draft pick for a player that would ride the bench seems ill-advised.

Ben Roethlisberger to the Cardinals?

Yes I know it's crazy but I've read the possibilities on the web lately - all from posters. Most will make the case that the Steelers organization is tired of Roethlisberger's off field issues and will deal or suspend him - I believe it will be the latter if anything. They proved they are willing to dish out franchise players when Santonio Holmes was traded to the Jets for a 5th-round pick earlier this week. The Cardinals do have the Steeler-ties but as far as I know, Big Ben and Ken Whisenhunt had a falling out after the Super Bowl. Rumors, thoughts, and wishes - please go away. This ain't happening.

We'll likely find out what the Cardinals are up to in the next few days. There's the possibility that Rod Graves is just busy and rescheduled with Brian St. Pierre. There's also the possibility that Bulger might be brought in. Then there's the thought that the Cardinals will just draft a quarterback in the later rounds next week. What are your thoughts on the situation? Ben Roethlisberger anyone?