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The Seattle Seahawks' Loss Of Three Key Players

If you follow NFL football during the offseason then you would know that player movement is similar to a busy freeway during rush hour traffic. Players come and go, leave the game, get traded, and make stupid mistakes off the field. The Cardinals faced their share of losses just a month ago when several key players left the organization. On Wednesday, the Seahawks experienced a similar fate.

Brandon Marshall traded to the Dolphins

All along the only destination that seemed possible for Brandon Marshall was Seattle. Everyone reported it would happen. The Seahawks seemed like the logical choice since they had a need at wide receiver and also had two first round picks to work with. But out of the blue yesterday, Brandon Marshall was traded to the Dolphins. I doubt Seattle was shocked since there had already been reports that they wouldn't part with one of their first round picks, but I think most of us expected a deal to eventually happen. Once the news broke, the rest of the NFC West let out a collective sigh of relief. They would no longer have worry about facing the deadly combination of T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Brandon Marshall. Although Field Gulls believes it was a good move - denial or optimism?

LeRoy Hill arrested for domestic violence

LeRoy Hill has slowly managed to dig his grave in Seattle over the last two years with off field issues. Just days after being charged 12 months of probation for marijuana possession, Hill was arrested for domestic violence and possible assault on his bruised and battered girlfriend. This is second off field issue in the last two years and if we've learned anything from Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger, it's that second time offenders will face discipline by the NFL. A four game suspension seems likely, and even if he wasn't suspended, you'd have to assume he'd be walking on egg shells at that point. Then there's also the possibility that Hill could be handed his walking papers from Seattle, at least that's what they want at Field Gulls.

Patrick Kerney retires

Long time defensive end Patrick Kerney retired as well yesterday. Kerney had been with the Seahawks for three seasons before retiring. The last two seasons were clearly not his best, being riddled with injuries and poor play all together. Yet somehow when the Cardinals came to town, Kerney turned on the motor. Last season in Seattle, Kerney returned from injury and owned Levi Brown for two sacks, one forcing a fumble. For whatever reason, Patrick Kerney played very well against the Cardinals, even when he played in Atlanta. Good bye Pat!

I realize most Seahawk fans will take the glass-half-full approach, and rightfully so, but it's definitely a relief to Cardinal fans. All three of these players could give the Cardinals problems when they play each other twice per year. Now at least two out of the three won't be a problem.