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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

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A bundle of tweets from Arizona Cardinal players on twitter for the past week...tweet-tweet.

Words From A  New Cardinal

"I am officially an Arizona Cardinal!! Very excited to head to the desert with former teammates @kerryrhodes and Joey Porter." - Jay Feely - Good to hear.

"I am truly sad to leave the Jets organization. The relationship I had with the fans was awesome. Thanks for all the support." - Jay Feely

"My Jets teammates and coaches will be truly missed. There are a lot of great guys on that team and that atmosphere is phenomenal." - Jay Feely

"Feeling I got from the Cardinals organization is that it is filled with the same kind of people and atmosphere as the Jets" - Jay Feely - Interesting. Guess Rod Graves has improved his selling points in this year's free agency.

"When you have great people surrounded by talent in a positive environment than you get the most out of everyone." - Jay Feely - Very true.

"To be great at anything you have to risk failing. But, Risks must be taken for the greatest hazzard in life is to risk nothing." - So he takes risks, but sometimes they may pay off. Good to know.

Kerry Rhodes Arrives in Arizona

"man great first day of workouts with team. the guys were great at making me feel welcomed and J porter and i had a good talk! on same page" - Kerry Rhodes - Already? Must have been a good workout.

"also went house shopping my crib is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeet! lol u get bang for ur buck out here in AZ" - Kerry Rhodes

"o and last thing me and Donovan Mcnabb were going at it on the court 2day it was funny!" - Kerry Rhodes -Good. Now maybe he can get the inside scoop from McNabb himself.

Larry Fitzgerald Check Up

"Just got to the gym for a morning work out before breakfast and more fittings on my last day in Japur, India. FFF" - Larry Fitzgerald

"The trip is going gr8!I'm getting packed up now because we are headed to Ahmedabad,India to do some more fiitings there.Be blessed u all!" - Larry Fitzgerald

This guy next to Fitz doesn't realize how lucky he is.

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 Dockett Needs A Girlfriend

"Mann its something about Beyonce when she singing that sweet dream or beautiful nightmare song I feel she singing to me." - Darnell Dockett - Glad you clarified that Nine O.

"Ok so I have this thing for Oprah, and the girl from transformers, and I'm so confused on who I wanna invite for ice cream can u all HELP!" - Darnell Dockett - Does he mean Megan Fox? I don't think anyone else has this problem.

"Do yall know if meagan fox has a twitter? I'm gonna invite her to cold stone, then I'm gonna ask Oprah can she buy a Cold stone!" - Darnell Dockett - Ah yes, a very intriguing threesome...not.

"Please tell Oprah I said Roses are RED Violets are blue she can have 90 if she add 8 to 82!.!.!.!. That was purdy it almost made me tear ;-(" - Darnell Dockett

"I'm watching videos, Hey someone tell keri hilson I still got a crush on her! Thx" - Darnell Dockett

"Sandra bullock I know u getting a divorce but would u like to join me for ice cream! We can talk about how u feel and u can exhale to me ok!" - Darnell Dockett - Wait...throw another one into the mix.

"@Oprah I'd walk across fire for ur love, I tattoo ur name on me,I carry the world for ur kiss, I'd stick to u like Money ooops I mean Honey!" - Darnell Dockett

Can Will Davis Eat Or What?

"damn soggy cereal is good" - Will Davis

"Who's down for steak?" - Will Davis

"just ate some twix and m&Ms now i cant go to sleep" - Will Davis

"Ate some chicken wings and it knocked me out for the whole day now im up tho" - Will Davis - Let's hope Davis stays in playing shape over the offseason.

Welcome Stevie Baggs

"Just touched dwn in AZ great to be here.... Time to make my mark on this place on and off the field...." - Stevie Baggs

"Check out my new locker from 90 to 57 my LB status is certified.. Check out the fighting wildcats hat below love BCU" - Stevie Baggs - Heck, I'd be proud too.

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"Just finished day2 of da offseason training program and everything went very well today 4rm da sand pit 2 da weight rm let's get it... " - Stevie Baggs

"check me out I don't work out I train" - Stevie Baggs

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Modeling Career And Bill Collectors?

"Mann this bill collector keep call me I'm sick of his ass then he tried to switch hit voice up! Mann I'm not payinghim till I get paid" - Darnell Dockett

"He called yestserday I straight told him I dont I dont have it! Then he talked about the late fee, Im like boyyy stop "I STILL wont HAVE IT!" - Darnell Dockett - Tell me again, Why does Darnell Dockett even have a problem with a bill collector?

"@kerryrhodes hey bra I need a connect on that modeling shhhh*t real talk!I need all the connects! We not selfish. Over here we share! LeaaGO" - Darnell Dockett - Didn't we cover this last week?

"@kerryrhodes oh yeahhh and I need some more followers lol! Come on Bra got to share! Last person that didn't share didn't make it to long! " - Darnell Dockett - Wonder who he's talking about.

"@ddockett lol lol u trying to get on it?? and where r u at? u here in AZ yet?" - Kerry Rhodes - Okay Kerry, show DD how it's done.

Random Tweets

"up watchin step brothers i swear i can watch this movie a million times and laugh everytime" - Will Davis - I agree.

"jus finished the arm sleeve so tired and my arm is on swole...suck it easy tweople" - Cody Brown

"Joey Porter son'd Reggie Walker for that 55 jersey...50 for cb comin soon" - Cody Brown

"Just finished a great workout for the day" - Early Doucet - Doucet sighting!!!

"If I'm donovan Mc nabb ill wait to the un loyal ass eagles trade me then ill retire the time they sign them papers! And go on vacation YUUP!" - Darnell Dockett - He's got it all figured out.

"Thanks for all the prayers getting my results on the MRI tomorrow.. The knee is feeling great right now" - Will Davis

"God is good jus talked to the doctor knee is doing great and i also want everybody to pray for my new teammate Joey Porter. Thanks again" - Will Davis - Looks like when Cardinal fans pray, good things happen.

"What was big Rogers doing walking around the airport with a loaded gun in his carry on??? did anyone else here that?" - Kerry Rhodes - I'm gonna go out on a wild guess and say he wasn't using his brain.

"Thrilla and c beezy new tag team champions of the NFL" - Will Davis -So which is it Davis? Thrilla or c beezy?

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"In New York and its some ugly ass people out here..trashy people of America...yea I said it" - Cody Brown - Hey I didn't say it, Cody did.

"I'm in beantown...with cargo shorts on...I'm freezin...forgot the weather here is redonkulous" - Cody Brown

"We do have the best off season program! Coach Lott will get the best out of you!" - Calais Campbell - Before.

"Man I am so sore I can barely move!!!! Thanks coach Lott" - Calais Campbell - After.

"Mann I just acted a fool in gym 445 lbs on the bench & power clean 385lbs from the ground I pretty much lifted a car! Candle stick I'm comn!" - Darnell Dockett -Already fired up for the Niners. Me too!!!


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