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Final Question Before The Draft: Nose Tackle Or Inside Linebacker?

Happy Draft Day everyone!!! Okay that was awkward. But really, doesn't the first day of the draft feel like some NFL holiday? Everyone is pumped up for some NFL action, even if it is hours upon hours of picks. Nevertheless, it couldn't have taken long enough to finally get here.

In a few hours the Cardinals will be making their first round draft pick and I for one, have no clue who it will be. Last year we all expected Beanie Wells to be the man, with the possibility of another running back if Wells wasn't there. This year, things aren't so clear. The Cardinals need help on defense at more then one position. So to get the day started right, I wanted to kick it off with a good poll/conversation. Clearly, the Cardinals need a dominant nose tackle to successfully run the 3-4 defense, and after losing Karlos Danbsy, inside linebacker is a glaring hole in the middle.

A case for nose tackle

The Cardinals lost two-year starter Bryan Robinson in free agency and currently have Gabe Watson signed to the roster. Watson himself is coming off a knee injury and has been rehabbing the same knee for the last two seasons. The 3-4 defense requires a very good nose tackle in order for it to work correctly, otherwise the entire defense will struggle.

A case for inside linebacker

Karlos Dansby bolted for free agency once it began, and since then, the Cardinals have not been able to find his replacement. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis hinted that an inside linebacker would be taken early to learn behind Paris Lenon. The Cardinals are already very thin on the inside and don't have a guy that can rush the passer or drop in coverage.

In a few hours when the Cardinals are on the clock at pick 26, who will they take? Personally I'm leaning towards defensive tackle since we all know that Rolando McClain and Sean Weatherspoon will be long gone by the end of the first round. Also throw in the fact that the Cardinals need an outside linebacker to blitz the passer and your head will start spinning. Let the fun begin.