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Thoughts On The "New" NFL Draft

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Perhaps one of the most exciting times for football fans during the tedius offseason is the NFL draft. That, with other events keep the fans hungry for the impending season that's soon to arrive. In year's past, the NFL draft had always taken place over a weekend, with the first two rounds falling on the first day - which usually began on a Saturday morning. The fourth through seventh rounds would then take place the following day. Be that as it may, the NFL decided to take a new approach and changed the format of the draft in 2010.

This year the draft was featured on primetime for the first year ever. This move was great considering more people were able to watch and enjoy the event at night, rather then mid day. The the added "primetime" aura surrounding the event increased the hype of the draft as well. The rating would suggest afterwards, that it was a success - they increased 36% from the 2009 draft, and 52% from the 2008 draft).

The second big change that was maded, was chaning the draft to a three day event. The first day is now the first round, the next day is rounds two and three, and the final day is for rounds four through seven. The change had a ripple effect on the rest of the draft as well. Rather then teams preparing for an immediate second round, they now have an entire 24 hours to think over their strategy, evaluate their boards, or prepare for any trades. Personally, I believe this will make the second and third rounds more exciting. Teams will make better prepared picks instead of settling with their initial thoughts on the first day.

Another effect is that the rounds that will take place today feel like an entirely new draft. I can already feel the anxiety approaching as we will welcome three new members to the Arizona Cardinals tonight. And with this year's particularly deep draft, there is still a plethera of talent remaining. I welcome the new format, and hope that things will remain this way for years to come.