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Cardinals Draft Tight End Jim Dray With Final Pick In 2010 NFL Draft


After a long day of trades and questionable picks, the Arizona Cardinals rounded out the 2010 NFL draft by selecting tight end Jim Dray out of Stanford.

Tight end was always a position of need heading into the draft, with multiple mock drafts predicting the Cardinals would select a the position as early as the first round. However, tight end wasn't the first priority for the Cardinals and that was evident when they waited to draft one in the seventh round.

Dray is coming off of a serious knee injury that he suffered on a special teams back in 2008 against TCU. He worked extremely hard to rehab the injured knee last season and played in several games, even earning second-team All Pac 10 accolades. Last year he caught 11 passes for 149 yards and three scores, but made a name for himself by his aggressive and superb blocking skills.

Dray has a wide base and uses it to his advantage when blocking along the offensive line. He's very active with his hands and will aggressively seal off the edge or wall off linebackers at the second level. He understands his routes and will make defenders pay for not bumping him at the line of scrimmage. Dray possesses excellent hands and runs in a bullish nature to pick up extra yards after the catch.

He does need to work on controlling himself when blocking. He can sometimes over extend himself and allow defenders to blow past him as a result. He doesn't have the quickest first step and physical defenders will give him problems. Overall Dray is an intelligent player that gives a 100% effort every time he's on the field. His knee is a concern but he's clearly a Ken Whisenhunt-type tight end. Do you believe Dray stands a chance to make the roster for 2010?