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Arizona Cardinals 2010 Draft Grades: Meaningless But Entertaining

The 2010 NFL draft proved to be one of the most exciting drafts in recent NFL history, with drama leading up to the first day and multiple moves that were enough to make a sane man go crazy. The NFL's change to primetime was a complete success, and now we're left to analyze the draft picks for the next three months until training camp. One of the most popoluar post draft segments are the infamous "draft grades". Sure they're fun, but how much can you put into the draft when none of the picks have played a snap in the NFL?

In the fun of the offseason, Revenge of the Birds will dish out grades for all seven draft picks and come to a conclusion on the final grade. Jacksonville Jaguars blog, used a very good format to grade the picks, and we'll adopt it here at ROTB. The picks will be evaluated based on their potential, expectancy to start, value based on round, need filled, and fan approval(based on polls posted after picks were made). Each category will earn a grade, and the average of the grades will go to that player. All seven grades will be added together and the average will be the Cardinals overall grade.

Dan Williams | NT | Tennessee - Overall Grade: A

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium After a very dominant Senior year, Williams has the potential to be a breakout nose tackle in the NFL. With some guidance by an NFL coach, we may see what else he has to offer at the next level.
Starting chances Cards2_medium Current nose tackle Gabe Watson is nursing an injured knee and hasn't started a game in two seasons. Williams will likely win over the starting job in training camp.
Fills need Cards2_medium Other then linebacker, nose tackle was an extremely large need.
Value Cards2_medium At the 26th pick, he was definitely a steal considering most boards had him landing in the top ten.
Fan approval Cards2_medium Williams finished with a 97% fan approval rating.

Daryl Washington | LB | TCU - Overall Grade: A

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium Washington is another player with tons of potential. He broke out during is Senior year and improved as time went on. If he can add some bulk, he'll be successful in the NFL.
Starting chances Cards2_medium He should make the move to the inside, and the Cardinals are already thin at the position. Washington will likely start but it may not be until after the first four to five games.
Fills need Cards2_medium Inside linebacker was an extremely thin position heading into the draft. The Cardinals did a great job grabbing Washington to shore up the need.
Value Cards2_medium Washington was a great value-pick to land in the second round after getting Williams in the first. A "B" is given for the fact that the Cardinals gave up one of their third round picks to move up to take Washington.
Fan approval Cards2_medium He earned a 96% fan approval rating, easily scoring an "A" here.

Andre Roberts | WR | Citadel - Overall Grade: C

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium Roberts will get the opportunity to learn behind Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston to start his NFL career. If he can add some muscle mass and fine tune is receiving skills, he has the potential to be a dangerous receiver after the catch.
Starting chances Cards2_medium At this point it is very unlikely that he'll start.
Fills need Cards2_medium Although most fans won't agree, wide receiver was a fairly large need. After Fitzgerald, Breaston, and Early Doucet, the Cardinals had no other options at receiver.
Value Cards2_medium Roberts was not a reach at this point in the draft. Wwide receivers were falling off the board on day two, and the Cardinals moved fast to find their man.
Fan approval Cards2_medium Roberts earned a 65% fan approval rating.

O'Brien Schofield | OLB | Wisconsin - Overall Grade: B

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium Before he tore a knee ligament at the Senior Bowl, Schofield was considered a very interesting prospect entering the draft. He caught on during his last two seasons of college and some believe we've only scratched the surface with Schofield.
Starting chances Cards2_medium He's projected to miss the first three to four months of the regular season, vastly limiting his starting chances.
Fills need Cards2_medium Outside linebacker was the third-biggest needed heading into the draft. If Schofield can heal successfully, he filled an enormous need.
Value Cards2_medium Before the knee injury, many thought Schofield could even be a first round draft pick. Drafting him in the fourth round was a great value pick.
Fan approval Cards2_medium Schofield earned a 77% fan approval rating.

John Skelton | QB | Fordham - Overall Grade: B

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium Skelton was a popular name entering the draft and most believe he's still fairly raw. He'll get the chance to learn on the sidelines and develop under the tutelage of quarterback's coach Chris Miller.
Starting chances Cards2_medium He's immediately the third string quarterback but given the unknown of Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson leading the team, Skelton could see playing time.
Fills need Cards2_medium With only two quarterbacks signed to the roster, Skelton filled a need.
Value Cards2_medium

He wasn't a reach nor a steal in the fifth round. The Cardinals were lucky to land him in that spot however.

Fan approval Cards2_medium Sketon earned a 79% fan approval rating.

Jorrick Calvin | CB | Troy - Overall Grade: D

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium The Cardinals have a history of drafting corners with potential(Greg Toler, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie). After not playing the 2009 season and showing little as a corner in 2008, Calvin may have more to give as a defensive back.
Starting chances Cards2_medium Even though cornerback is very shallow, Calvin will help out on special teams, but won't start.
Fills need Cards2_medium Cornerback was a very large need, especially after trading starter Bryant McFadden the round before.
Value Cards2_medium

Most mock drafts didn't even have Calvin being drafted. Since the Cardinals waited so long to draft a corner, he may have been a reach in the sixth round.

Fan approval Cards2_medium Calvin earned a 68% fan approval rating.

Jim Dray | TE | Stanford - Overall Grade: C

Grades A B C D F Thoughts
Player potential Cards2_medium Dray missed most of the 2008 season with a knee injury and showed very little in the receiving department last season. He will be able to learn under the coaching staff and develop before he sees any NFL action.
Starting chances Cards2_medium Dray is currently the fifth string tight end. He won't start in 2010.
Fills need Cards2_medium Tight end was a need before the draft took place. The Cardinals believe Dray was the answer.
Value Cards2_medium

The Cardinals didn't reach for Dray and successfully waited until the seventh round to draft him.

Fan approval Cards2_medium Dray earned a 74% fan approval rating.

Arizona Cardinals 2010 Early NFL Draft Grade: B

A "B" was to be expected considering the Cardinals found two very good picks in the first two rounds, but waited to address needs till the end of the draft. Considering I highly believe grades shouldn't be given the Monday after the draft, I'll stand behind the method and except the B. I also want to hear what you think - what grade did you give the Arizona Cardinals 2010 NFL draft and why?