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Arizona Cardinals Alternate Jersey Predictions

When the Arizona Cardinals revealed their new alternate jerseys at their draft party last Thursday, there was so much excitement surrounding the draft that we weren't able to discuss them. Now that the draft-dust has settled(somewhat), we can take a look.

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Well I looked, and I for one, like the jerseys. I've always hoped they'd bring in a new alternate jersey - black specifically. The reveal turned out exactly as I imagined. I hoped they'd do something different with the helmet but NFL rules won't allow it unless they are throwback helmets. Do they look like the Atlanta Falcons' jerseys? Slightly. When it comes down to it, they will be wearing a white helmet and white pants with the jersey and that will be the difference. Then there's the rule that they can only wear them three times during the year(once in preseason, twice in regular). I thought I'd take a few stabs as to when they'd wear them:

  1. Preseason Week 2 vs Tennessee Titans - The only issue I have with this is that it's on the road and these should be home jersey's. Other then that, it's a primetime MNF game and would make sense as their first appearance. If not this game then the preseason opener at home against the Texans.
  2. Regular Season Week 5 vs New Orleans Saints - This would be the first real opportunity for the Cardinals to wear the new jerseys. The atmosphere will be intense with the defending Super Bowl champs attending. The Cardinals would like to get revenge - no pun intended.
  3. Regular Season Week 12 vs San Francisco 49ers - The last time we'll see the jerseys will be on the Monday Night Football stage against the division rival 49ers. These games are always dog fights and will be the first meeting between the two teams.

The only other game that has a chance would be against the Cowboys on Christmas, but I'm thinking the front office knows that fans will be anxious to see the jerseys and won't wait until week 12. When do you believe the Cardinals will wear the jerseys and what are your overall thoughts on them?