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Revenge Of The Birds Exclusive Interview With Arizona Cardinals Tackle Brandon Keith

Recently one of your regulars, sc464, had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Arizona Cardinals offensive tackle Brandon Keith. Keith will be in competition for the Cardinals right tackle position and appears to be the favorite to earn the spot. Big thanks to Brandon Keith for providing an interview for Cardinal fans and props to sc464 for getting the chance to bring more great content to Revenge of the Birds.

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How do you feel about the possibility to start next season and do you feel you are ready to step in and fill that role if so?

I feel deeply grateful by just having the opportunity to compete for the right to be a starter.  I am ready to have a bigger role for my team and contribute, I mean every year I set a goal for myself so this is no different.

What are you specifically working on right now in the strength and conditioning or on the side to prepare you for next season?

I have been working on just getting into great shape so I know through the summer I can just work at it harder as camp comes around.

How has Russ Grimm helped you?

Russ helped me out by the way he teaches you the game.  I mean he has a great football IQ and just to be around that you cant wish for nothing but to just learn.  So just understanding how the game works from picking up blitzes and understanding defenses that is what he helped me out with the most.

What are you thoughts on the players the front office has brought in this off season?
On the players brought in the front office is what makes us, so I feel they cant do anything wrong so I feel they are players that will make this team better.

What is the feeling in the locker room with Leinart at the helm now?

I feel like it’s a good vibe, a fresh start so Matt is the guy and the team believes in him and he is our guy.

If you weren’t playing football what would you be doing?

If I weren’t playing football I would probably be coaching somewhere.

Who is the hardest defensive player to block on the team excluding Dockett?

The hardest player to block I think is Gerald Hayes.  He is a smooth linebacker man and when he is on he is pretty good.

What do you feel is your biggest strength?

I feel like my biggest asset is my athletic ability.  I am smooth, big, and fast.

Is there any one or two guys that you really seem to click with on the team and why?

I would say my whole 08 draft class.  We are all tight and probably Herm Johnson.

What other position besides OL can you play or would you like to play?

I would say D-LINE.

Are there any big pranksters on the team?

Yes, lol, DRC is the prankster.

Anything else you would like to share?

No, just watch out for the Cardinals in 2010, thanks.