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Arizona Cardinals Tweeting On Twitter

A collection of Arizona Cardinals tweets from the last week.

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The Beginning of the Offseason Workouts


Wow mini camp is about to start...time flies!!! But I'm excited - Calais Campbell

About to walk in to workouts. Coach Lott is getting us right!!! Bigger, Faster, Stronger...We are getting better over here everyday.Lets go! - Larry Fitzgerald  - That's good to hear.

Football season is coming Fast! Don't seem like the break was long enough! But oh well Im ready to have that Kevin Garnett Leadership On DEF - Darnell Dockett - I hope you do Dockett. You and A Dub are the leaders on D now.

One of my temmates told me how can We rep Birdgang when the C E O aint here! Damn! Well I'm here cardinal fans let's get it POPN! - Darnell Dockett  

Coach lott, had a big smile on his face when he saw me this morning, me and Joey porter gonna have Fun this season! He was happy to see me! - Darnell Dockett - Cardinals fans can't wait either.

 It felt good to be back with my team today, I hope this off season moves well cause I like to be around my boyz. This is my 2nd family. - Darnell Dockett

KNOCK KNOCK guess what? Nine-0 home now all the ladies say Hey: hey. heyy Dockett! Today I'm working out no shirt on lol that's how I feel! - Darnell Dockett

whats the word AZ? im baaaaaccckkk!!! im actually pumped to see our team in my first practices starting this friday!! - Kerry Rhodes - I'm pumped too. Can't wait to see the practices on Saturday.

Me 2 - Jay Feely 

early night 2nite my freaking back hurts!!!! ahhhh. - Kerry Rhodes

Who's coming to Fan day *Saturday* In AZ to support the cardinals? I got some game worn shoes with my LOGO on the shoe oim giving away! - Darnell Dockett - I'll be there.

Welcome Alan Faneca

Bird gang Newest Member Pro Bowl Guard "ALAN FANECA" lol ohh Boy! Yeah I said it OH Boy! We gonna kick ASS! TTYL - Darnell Dockett 

Another solid pick up!Thank u NY Jets Lol RT @Adam_Schefter: Pro Bowl guard Alan Fanecas $2.5 million deal w/ Arizona -it's fully guaranteed - Larry Fitzgerald  

Matt Hasselbeck Wants the division back

MatthewHass8:keepin it real-- trying to take this division back. :) - Matt Hasselbeck - Sorry Matt. The Seahawks won't contend for a few more years. Cardinals dominate in 2010. Bank on it.

Sorry man,we plan on keeping this division in our hands lol - Larry Fitzgerald  

Sorry we gotta maintain as NFC West champs lol - Larry Fitzgerald  

Sex On The Beach?

Man I'm getting a massage naked on the beach! This is the life! - Darnell Dockett - :::Shutters:::

Thats not the sight everyone goes to south beach to see! - Jay Feely

New meaning to 'moon over Miami'  - Jay Feely  - Hilarious!

Dockett Hungry

Who's up right now? This west coast time is buggn! I'm hungry I want some ox tails and cornbread! With a piece of fun feti cake and milk! - Darnell Dockett - Not my kind of meal.

I'm going to wendys and get 20nuggets and a frosty! - Darnell Dockett -  Now you're talkin'.

Aye mann I'm hungry don't know what to eat? Do anybody got any suggestions? I'm thinking about flying to columbia this weekend who wanna go? - Darnell Dockett

What's for dinner? I want jerk chicken or Lobster! - Darnell Dockett


What's. Up world how yall doing! I'm bout to get a tattoo on my face in like 2hrs ill twitpic it, I like the mike tyson look! - Darnell Dockett - Please don't.

I picked out 2 tattoo ideas for my face right by my EYE and over my eye! - Darnell Dockett

MAAAAAN THIS Tattoo HURTS OMG! - Darnell Dockett

Check out my tattoo on my face it hurts reall bad! I'm hungry now! - Darnell Dockett - This was a fake. If you can't see, it read "Oprah". Classic.

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These Tattoo's hurt DAMN! I need some entertainment some one say something. I need u right now @Oprah where u at my co co puff! - Darnell Dockett

Some one come to the tattoo place and see me! PLEEEEEASE! If ur in AZ mesa chandler tempe , come keep me company PLEEEEEASE "OUCH" :-/ - Darnell Dockett 

Tattoo update and Please don't go biting my shh! "COPY CATS get ur own ideas! NO JOCKING ZONE Thx Mgt! - Is that a bad thing if I just got this same exact tattoo on my back last week? Uh oh.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tattoo on are boy @ddockett of the Arizona Cardinals NFL 7 hour sitting way to hang in there boy! - Darnell DockettImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Fitzgerald Trivia

Had another gr8 workout 2day & im feeling good so Im gonna do a #Fitzknows Trivia tonight at 830et! Ive got a nice gift 4 the winner - Larry Fitzgerald

On in the photos section there's two pictures of me playing while I was at PITT.What two teams was I playing against? - Larry Fitzgerald - Oh oh I know that!!!

Congrats to @Vicovich for winning the #Fitzknows trivia!I'll be sending u a Signed jersey,Signed game photo,Fitz Knows shirt & will also be Getting a phone call from me tonight. Thanks to everyone who played the #Fitzknows trivia! - Larry Fitzgerald - Oh this already happened? Vicovich is one lucky dude.

Cardinals On The Draft

Seattle trades for Leon Washington!! Man I would have liked him to follow @kerryrhodes and I to the desert - Jay Feely - We're good on running back Jay.

I will hit him in the knees like i used to do!! - Jay Feely  - In response to how he'll deal with Leon Washington the first time he returns a kickoff for a TD against the Cardinals...if he can still. 

That is nuts man!! leon to seattle for a 5th round pick? lol seattle ur getting one hell of a player and i hate i have to face him - Kerry Rhodes

Bryant Mfcadden going Back to pittsburgh mannn this is BS. I'm sooooooo pissssed. Damn!! - Darnell Dockett - Please tell me why you are so pissed? Do the playoffs come to mind?

I think our front office has done a great job once again...we have a complete and very deep d line now...and our D is gonna be dominant  - Calais Campbell - I agree.

Now I want yall to think why u think this certain team go get 2 OL in the first round? And yall tell me the truth lmfao - Darnell Dockett - This tell's me they are worried about the Cardinals defensive line.

@ddockett U got your wish brotha lol. Another DT to wreck shop with u! - Larry Fitzgerald

AWWWWWWW SH*T! DAN WILLIAMS #BIRDGANG. ITS A CELEBRATION,,, NOW I GOT TO TRAIN THE DOG and we shall GO BITE! Can't wait to rooke Night ;-) - Darnell Dockett

Just talked to DAN our 26th pic, and he sounded like he's ready to DO BIG THINGS! I told him we welcome him And enjoy today. Let's 3peat! - Darnell Dockett - Sounds like a plan.

"FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" "FRESH MEAT" - Darnell Dockett - In regards to Seattle and San Francisco drafting offensive lineman. Dockett will welcome them to the NFL with open arms.

So happy i can sit and relax tonight and enjoy the rest of the draft. Last night was a dream come true. - Dan Williams

getting ready for minicamps, im excited to get out there with my new team. we are gonna do big things - Dan Williams - Glad to have you here D-Will!

I wish mel Kiper gets a hair cut! He need to cut that MULLET off and he has a nerves to come it backwards like. Elvis. COM ON SON. - Darnell Dockett - You and me both. How about cutting him all together from ESPN?

I honestly don't think you can judge any draft class for at least 2 yrs maybe 3. I'm excited for my first look at minicamp. - Jay Feely

card nation how do u think we did in the draft??? - Kerry Rhodes - Excellent.

Random  Tweets

thinking bout breaking all my phones people find it easy to call me just to tell me what I'm doin wrong wonder why I don't pick up the phone - Will Davis - Please tell me again why you want to break all of your phones?

Suns game. Suns are rocking the house - Jay Feely

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Coyotes/Red Wings game 7...Nice! - Jay Feely - It's a shame they lost this game and the series. Still good to see the Coyotes make a series out of it.

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I'm going to the SPA tommorow for 4hrs and just get stuff that I never got B4 I might get my chest waxed oh I forgot I don't have hair there - Darnell Dockett - Oooh Kelly Clarkson!!!!

I'm lying I'm not getting a dog NO WAY, but I would get a monkey or a pet tiger a dog is too basic for me at this point in my life! Lol - Darnell Dockett - Anyone can get past a dog. But no one f**** with a tiger. My Grandma's Boy reference.

I'll always b a pitt panther at heart.But I'm getting my degree finished at U of Phx online - Larry Fitzgerald

RiverMonsters is sick! I want to Go with ole boy and catch some of the monsters! - Darnell Dockett - Agree. I really like this show.

Man da cable @ extended stay is bootgarb dats y I'm always reading - Stevie Baggs - Guess the hotel should consider renaming themselves.

I'm at the Tommie Harris Foundation golf outing at Belmar golf course in Norman, Oklahoma. - Larry Fitzgerald

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@jayfeely what's up bro? How u like az? - Darnell Dockett

Very happy, working hard and playing golf. Waiting to see you this weekend. - Jay Feely

Just a little Advice No one becomes Successful "ALONE" bulid u a TEAM. Just remember "Selfishness" is what destroys a TEAM.!!!! - Darnell Dockett - Glad to hear that from Nine O.

This is the line just to get a ticket to go in DMV shits outa controll.- Darnell Dockett - The DMV is also know as Satan's asshole. That's my Dane Cook reference. I think that's how he said it.

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Lotta hard hitters in this league man hard 2 pick just one - Beanie Wells - In regards to who hit him the hardest his rookie year.

He will clearly be missed, but we r confident in our teammates - Beanie Wells - In regards to how much the team will miss Anquan Boldin.

Its so hot out here in AZ OMG!!! I'm gonna lay low for the day watch the celtics play from my pool floating with a Mai Tai! Who wanna come? - Darnell Dockett

I'm Bout to do a cannon ball in my pool like a little kid! - Darnell Dockett

Gata hit this spot when u in East Los humm humm - Darnell Dockett

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I can honestly say that our relationship inspires me to DOMINATE all my opponents in the running game. Frank you're awesome!! - Vernon Davis

@VernonDavis85 MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL we shall see!! - Darnell Dockett - Can't wait for this match up!

No matter our differences in beliefs,I wanted to take a minute to honor a great man who passed April 22 2004. Pat Tillman. Long live #40 - Kurt Warner

My boss just call me and told me I haven't been to work and there are a lot of customers asking for me, man I love my Victoria secret Job!! - Darnell Dockett

Worst sport ever...good food tho - Cody Brown - That's going to win you over some baseball fans Cody.

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hmmm watch family matters or goodtimes???? hmmmm - Will Davis - And Will Davis rounds out the bunch with a very compelling question.

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Getting physicals today before we start mini camp tomorrow.Im ready roll! Cant wait to get back on the field!!! - Larry Fitzgerald