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Revenge Of The Birds Community Mock Draft: 14th Pick, Seattle Seahawks

With the 14th pick of the Revenge of the Birds community mock draft, the Seattle Seahawks select...

Dez Bryant | WR | Oklahoma St

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Strengths: Incredibly large and strong hands on this 6' 2" 215 lb receiver, catches with his hands and attacks the football. Knows how to get open, can make the moves to shed a defender and evade tacklers, uses his strength and size well after the catch. Shows good sideline awareness and is a Red Zone target. Dangerous punt returner with good field vision. Has vast upside.

Weaknesses: Bryant doesn't have many weaknesses, he is not the fastest receiver and not the best route runner. He won't be a deep threat. Has trouble with ability recognizing coverages. He will need to work on his run blocking.

Why the Seahawks will draft Bryant: With their last two first round picks being consumed by extremely gifted defenders that couldn't be passed up, Curry and McCoy, Seattle now has to use this pick on a starting Offensive Tackle or a big time offensive play maker. Seattle will take Bryant with the top OTs and Spiller off the board. Dez and TJ will give Hasselbeck or Whitehurst a great receiver duo for years to come.

Thanks to 7ftCard for making the pick, that puts najmsh on the clock with the New York Giants pick. kj197728 is on deck with the Tennessee Titans pick. Please email me your picks at today. najmsh - feel free to post your pick yourself if you want to. The picks are after the jump...

  1. St. Louis - Sam Bradford, QB
  2. Detroit - Russell Okung, OT
  3. Tampa Bay - Ndamukong Suh, DT
  4. Washington - Bryan Bulaga, OT
  5. Kansas City - Eric Berry, S
  6. Seattle - Gerald McCoy, DT
  7. Cleveland - Jimmy Clausen, QB
  8. Oakland - Trent Williams, OT
  9. Buffalo - Bruce Campbell, OT
  10. Jacksonville - Joe Haden, CB
  11. Denver - Rolando McClain, LB
  12. Miami - Earl Thomas, S
  13. San Francisco - C.J. Spiller, RB
  14. Seattle - Dez Bryant, WR
  15. New York Giants - najmsh
  16. Tennessee - kj197728
  17. San Francisco - lorenzothedog
  18. Pittsburgh - Cardscrazy247
  19. Atlanta - durst
  20. Houston - DaCards
  21. Cincinnati - LAcardsfan
  22. New England - Hadrarius
  23. Green Bay - notliketheboardgame
  24. Philadelphia - robloosli
  25. Baltimore - Skii
  26. Arizona - ROTB community
  27. Dallas - manderson367
  28. San Diego - WhiffSD
  29. New York Jets - Drullin'OverDaCards
  30. Minnesota - tooman234
  31. Indianapolis - TheAngelsColts
  32. New Orleans - Reo Hayes