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Arizona Cardinals' QB Coach Chris Miller On XTRA Sports 910

Hat tip to JoeCB1991 for linking this first. 

Cardinals' quarterbacks coach, Jim Miller, spoke with XTRA Sports 910 on Wednesday regarding a number of topics with the team.

Miller started with Matt Leinart. He stated that the team will use more naked bootlegs with Leinart, declaring that Matt is more mobile then Kurt. He stated that running the boots will depend on the success of the running game. Miller said that Leinart throws very well on the run.

Miller talked about newly signed quarterback Derek Anderson. He believes that Anderson's mechanics slipped the last two years - a stretch of very poor production from Anderson. He said he will work with Anderson during the Cardinals offseason workouts, hoping to improve his fundamentals and get him back to his 2007pro bowl form.

Miller also discussed Kurt Warner's situation last year. He revealed that Warner stopped throwing the deep ball last season after he took a hit to his throwing shoulder early last year. Warner lost confidence throwing deep and rarely threw over 15-20 yards. Most of us wondered why the offense lacked the explosive play were were used to seeing - now we know the reason why. The lack of a deep passing attack limited the production for Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, and most notably Larry Fitzgerald. Miller also reminded us that Warner was still very effective in the short to medium range last season.

The interview concluded with Miller predicting that the Rams will select Sam Bradford with the 1st overall pick in the draft. He also thought that Jimmy Clausen was a very good quarterback. He questioned Colt McCoy's deep throw but believes he'll go to a team with a West Coast attack.

Hearing Chris Miller instills more confidence that the passing offense won't greatly be effected with Warner out of the line up. It sounds like he'll have more options with Leinart and Anderson and one of the quarterbacks will get the job done this season. That's certainly good to hear.