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A Workout With Cardinals' Receiver Larry Fitzgerald

As some of you may have realized yesterday, I didn't post a pick for the ROTB community mock draft(apologies), and I didn't post a story in general for the latter half of the day. You'll understand why I didn't in a moment.

Earlier this week, I was approached by EAS(sports nutrition company), and was informed that they would like me to attend a seminar/workout regarding the importance of race car drivers preparing for the heavy workload of a big race, and staying nutritioned afterwards. Normally I'd wonder why I was approached for this until they mentioned that Larry Fitzgerald would be in attendance. I quickly accepted and these are my occurrences from a very busy Thursday afternoon.

I arrived at the Athletes’ Performance facility in my workout attire. I recognized a local news station anchor as I sat and waited. They called us into another room, and on my way I passed by Larry - starstruck for the moment...he is a god after all. The workout began with the stretches that race car drivers can perform, focused primarily on the legs - what a shock. After stretching, we moved on to the first exercise. The workout was to throw a medicine ball against the wall, with most of the force coming from your hips. As I awkwardly attempted to throw mine against the wall, a voice behind me instructed me how to do it, fixed my posture, and walked me through my next throw. I turned to realize it was Larry helping me - you can imagine how I felt at that point. Larry proceeded to stand next to me and perform the exercise. We did ten reps on each side, and as I thought I had gotten away with only two reps, Larry called me out in front of everyone. On the impending turn, Larry only did four, so I thought I'd return the favor and call him out as well. Although he informed me that he already did a workout for the day.

We moved on to the overall workout next. The each of us did a circuit, ranging from pulls, lunges, and body workouts. Needless to say, I hate body workouts, and if race car drivers do this to prepare for a race, I have a new found respect for them. Sitting in a car for hours will take it's toll on the human body, and the purpose of the stretches and exercises were to loosen the muscles that lock up during a drive. After the circuit, I was obviously fatigued - to which Larry jokingly responded if I was "tired yet". Larry is in much better shape then me and clearly wasn't tired after the workout.I proceeded to ask him if this was as intense as John Lott's workouts. He told me it  was definitely intense, but the workouts were very different and Lott's was more "meat and potatoes". Afterwards, we learned that proper nutrition to follow any workout is key - like the sports drinks from EAS *wink*wink. After the workout, I had a chance to interview Larry and ask him some questions. I'm in the process of converting the conversation to text and it should be posted later today - so stay tuned.